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  • Yellow sponge clown noses are now available in bulk bags of 50 in the 1.5-inch size. Makes a great giveaway for childrens parties.

  • You know about sponge balls and sponge rabbits. Now, heres a Sponge Magic Wand! Imagine your audiences surprise when you announce, "For me to do my greatest magic, Ill of course need my magic wand." You then bring out (or produce) your giant Sponge Magic Wand! Perfect opener! Then, use the Sponge Magic Wand for your other magical effects and routin

  • The best-looking sponge rabbit available, Magic by Goshs 3-D Rabbits are perfect for the classic multiplying rabbit routine. Cream in color with brown ears and spots. The 3-D Rabbit deluxe measures 5 inches from nose to tail and 3 inches tall. Comes with one large bunny and five small bunnies measuring 3 inches from nose to tail and 1.5 inches tall

  • Full size hamburger - upsized just for you! Bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese and beef patty. Another great food production item. Measures approx. 9cm wide x 5cm tall.

  • Feeling a bit hungry? Take out some fries from your purse frame! Realistic looking box full of french fries at your fingertips. Measures approx. 9cm wide x 15cm tall.

  • Produce a carrot for your bunny! Or do the Multiplying Carrots (instead of bananas). Good comedy potential. Measures approx. 15cm in length. Set of 2 carrots.

  • One of the most popular sponge items - the french loaf. This looks very realistic and producing it from somewhere always gets big reactions! Measures approx. 30cm long.

  • Keep the cops away! Yummy looking round doughnut with white powdered sugar coating. Looks good enough to eat! Measures 9cm in diameter and 5cm tall.

  • Food production item. Turn the old routines on their heads - use this sponge apple instead of bananas or carrots! Measures approx. 5cm tall x 6cm wide.

  • You know you want one of these!!! End off your show by pulling an ice-cream from someones ear! This is also a must-have for any kids performer. Measures approx. 14cm.

  • Brilliant comedy potential! Great prop for childrens entertainers. Substitute this hammer for a wand and get them laughing. Measures approx. 10cm wide x 25cm tall.

  • Careful, people might try to eat these! Set of 2 cupcakes, light brown cake part with pink icing and a cherry on top. Another great food production item. Measures approx. 6cm wide x 5cm tall.

  • Set of 2 bananas. Perfect for the Multiplying Banana Routine!  Medium Size Approx. 15cm in length. Large Size Approx. 15cm in length.

  • You might want to actually eat this one! Brown chocolate cake with pink icing, and a cherry on top. Measures approx. 8cm long x 9cm tall x 5cm wide.

  • Created by one of the UKs busiest working magicians, Paul Martin, Pauls Balls is a great trick that can be used anytime in your act. Not just for stage, you can also use this effect for close up and walk-around too. If you wanted to do a lottery prediction type effect but was unable to buy or justify spending heaps of money on a "device," then you

  • GREAT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS! This DVD covers everything you need to know from eye-popping vanishes, approaching spectators, Mikes kid-show favorite, incorporating hats plus other props and even effective misdirection for the watch steal. WOW! If you are just learning this trick for the first time, or are looking to add something new to your current

  • The best looking sponge rabbits available, Magic by Goshs 3-D Rabbits are perfect for the classic multiplying rabbit routine. White in color with brown ears and spots. 6.5-Inch 3D Rabbit measures 6.5 inches from nose to tail and 3.5 inches tall. One rabbit in package.

  • Various sponge donuts that look like a real donut! A series of tricks that you cant do with a sponge ball, but only with the Wonder Donut are included. As well as appearing and disappearing tricks that only sponges provide! Wonder Donut can be handled by beginners to pros. Once you have watched the lectures, you will be able to advance your skills

  • Presentation suggestions by Barry Mitchell & Brainstorm Team Be the Punny magician at your next show. Alpha-Bits sponge letters add a fun (pun) addition to close up or stage routines. The letters are 2-inches tall and the perfect thicknes to stand up to use. The colors are colorfast in the foam so you can use the different colors along with other

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of eyeball magic!

  • Sponge Ice Cream by Alan Wong These foam ice cream cones will leave your audience roaring! Turn one ice cream cone to two ice cream cones. A great finish for any sponge prop act, the foam ice cream cones are definitely a crowd-pleaser. Comes with two foam ice cream cones. Dimensions Approximately 6.5" x 2.5" (16.51cm x 6.35cm)

  • Sponge Carrots by Alan Wong Effect One carrot multiplies into two carrots. Put one away and the remaining carrot multiplies into two again, again, and again. Everytime you remove one and come back with two. Finally, put the two carrots together in one hand and they bring another four baby carrots to form a happy carrot family! Supplied with set of

  • Sponge Pills by Alan Wong "I wish there was a magic pill for.. ". Well, finally my friends here it is - A magic pill that people have always asked for! Produce it in your show and add it to your routines! This is a magic pill that can do anything you want: A happy pill A laughing pill An applause attraction pill Changing a bill into a pill Multiply

  • Sponge Bread by Alan Wong This sponge sandwich bread looks so real you will be tempted to eat them! Wide range of magic applications and here are just a few great ideas and lots of comedy: Make them appear and disappear and change places Do a 3 bread repeat routine Do a flying bread routine (as flying cards routine) Unlimited bread production Make

Showing 1 - 24 of 119 items