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  • A 14", professional quality wand held in the performers hand seemingly rises under its own power, or jumps into the air. If offered to a spectator, it pulls away before (s)he can take hold of it.

  • You know about sponge balls and sponge rabbits. Now, heres a Sponge Magic Wand! Imagine your audiences surprise when you announce, "For me to do my greatest magic, Ill of course need my magic wand." You then bring out (or produce) your giant Sponge Magic Wand! Perfect opener! Then, use the Sponge Magic Wand for your other magical effects and routin

  • No magician can put on a show without their wand from the wizards of Harry Potter to the world of Harry Houdini, wands are the pinnacle of magical experience. They are both a symbol of transformation and illusion, but now they are the source of the magic themselves. This Magical Rising Wand from Fantasma will put the awe in audience. Whether youre

  • TaeWando is a magic wand that transforms into a pair of nunchucks! Kids already have a secret suspicion that you're a ninja, how else can you accomplish all of your tricks? Now you can confirm their beliefs.

  • Magic wands have long been seen as an emblem of magicians for generations. But now, the old wooden magic wands are given new souls by Cigma Magic, and the souls will bring new life to your performance. Illumino, the modern magic wands combined with colorful and splendid lights, could sharpen magicians swift moves, highlighting every exciting moment

  • Magic wands have long been seen as an emblem of magicians for generations. But now, the old wooden magic wands are given new souls by Cigma Magic, and the souls will bring new life to your performance. Illumino, the modern magic wands combined with colorful and splendid lights, could sharpen magician's swift moves, highlighting every exciting moment...

  • The performer can make coins, balls and different objects disappear or appear using the wooden magic wand. You can create different effects only limited by your imagination.

  • Sorcerer's WandGenerally this wand is made of Indian Walnut but sometimes due to the unavailability of Indian Walnut - Mahagony wood is used. Both of these worldclass woods are of supreme quality & durability. The length of this wand is approximately 14 inches.

  • Skylighter Wand can do amazing magic! Lights up on your command Includes bonus device to make it float It can find a chosen playing card Appear out of a tiny box Is the perfect accessory to Fantasmas Skylighters Magic Lights (Sold Separately) Clings magically to your hand and much, much more! Includes 15+ Tricks and Instructional Video.

  • Must have for wand collectors and children show workers! The wooden breakaway wand is one of a kind that measures a large 36cm long and 2cm in diameter. It can be seen clearly on any stage and looks really big in a kids small hand. That means you double the fun and more laughter! Custom made hard wood sections with permanent dyed color. This will l

  • The perfect accompaniment for our Gothic range of chops cups. Each Warlock Wand measures approximately 13 inches and are handmade from wood and resin. These wands will undoubtedly add a little curiosity factor to the more macabre magic routines.

  • Mikame Craft presents an Exotic Wand. Incredibly crafted with precision and beauty, smooth to the touch, and light as a feather. This wand is an amazing addition to your routine. Dimension: 14" length (35.56cm)

  • Produce a spark when you wave your magic wand! This is all self-contained in a plastic magic wand installed with a super bright white LED light, with press switch operation and powered by a built in rechargeable lithium ion battery to produce that powerful flash. Looks magical, fun to play with and kids will believe you have real magic power.

  • The magician asks to borrow a hankie. The helper says he doesnt have one but luckily the magician spots one in the childs pocket. He removes it but it is invisible. The hankie becomes visible, disappears and then shows up back in the helpers pocket. This time it is VISIBLE! Like so many great ideas, The Presto Wand is a prop which is beautifully si

  • The JL Wand is a workers dream. It is easy to assemble and disassemble with durable finishes which are thoroughly thought out to be both rugged and functional. Very adaptable; this wand can be made to different lengths of 20cm or 33cm. Easy to carry with you. Properly weighted for ease of handling. The rubber body assures a nice firm grip at all ti

  • Have some fun with the kids during your show!

  • Classic magic wand that rises or jump out of your hand on command. Easy to do and perfect for supply to magic class for beginners.

  • Our Certificates are printed in the USA on 100# Gloss Cover Stock. Included with your Certificate is a plastic wand to make it easy to roll your certificate into a wand for presentation to your Little Assistant. Brighten the day of the Birthday Boy or Girl with this Professional Frame-able certificate. Contains: 24 - 8.5"x11" Full Color Flat Certif

  • This wand is a total of 8 feet long! The white tips of the wand are extra large! Great for any appearing wand routine!

  • Comes with 40 refill cards for Gift of the Magi by David Acer.

  • Magic Wand is the signature for every magician. It represents magic. Giant Magic wand is the powerful tool for stage magic, parlor magic, kids show or for comedy magician. Giant snaky wand creates magic as well as comedy. This will entertain with hilarious riot of laugh with kids and adults. Effect :- At any movement in your show the ma

  • Effect: With music playing the performer picks up his wand and makes a few magical passes over it. With a slow turn the wand turns from 1 to 2! A black wand and a red wand! This repeats 2 more times until the magician has 4 wands! All different colors!

  • Effect: With music playing the magician picks up his wand form the table. Displaying the wand to the audience he turns the wand from one to two! And from two to four!

  • This beautiful handcrafted wand is made from aged hardwood. Each wand in this series is a unique to its own design. These are a collectors dream!

Showing 1 - 24 of 82 items