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  • The widely acclaimed KISS Lecture by John Derris. Presented in over 50 Magic Clubs in the UK and Europe. Being an extension of the book KISS which shows in detail how to sell yourself as a person and a magician. "KISS is the word that got me magic bookings in Athens, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Marbella, Osaka, Paris, Rabat, St. Petersburg and Buckingham

  • This was the first time Marco has lectured in England and he was a huge hit. Excellent twist on known routines (the method for his "Gypsy Thread" is outstanding) and great routines for standard effects (the "Coin in Bottle" is superb), make this video stand out as a practical buy for the close up worker who wants to add some not to difficult, yet s

  • Ali Bongo needs no introduction to the magical fraternity. Word renowned for his enthusiastic and uniquely creative approach to magic, Ali is the ideas man behind many a famous name, as well as being a top flight professional performer himself. This is Ali Bongos first lecture for international. His talents have always and will continue to be admir

  • International magic does it again! A world exclusive, as underground close up and mentalist legend Ray Grismer performs and explains miracles which, until now, have been witnessed only by the privileged few. A student and confidant of Dai Vernon, Rays magic is powerful and deadly relying mainly on subtlety and only very elementary skill. Here you w

  • For those fortunate enough to have seen Jim Cellini perform or lecture, this video needs no introduction. For those not so fortunate, here is a rare opportunity to see an expert in the field of "Street Magic". Jim will charm you, hell baffle you (sometimes youll already know the secret, but hell still baffle you), hell entertain you (teaching you h

  • The tarot cards are the most powerful divination known to man. For those of you who wish to tap into their power and in addition use it in a streetwise manner this is the DVD for you. Two hours of astonishing insight and detail by one of the worlds leading psychics. It is far removed from the usual cold reading techniques that magicians read about

  • Mark Lewis is one of the worlds most prominent psychics, hes done thousands of readings and hit the headlines numerous times. On this DVD he gives an introduction into the world of Cold Reading. He teaches the beginner how to do readings in both Chinese Numerology & Palmistry and even includes a powerful demonstration (and explanation) of Psych

  • Hanging Coins (Variation) Card To Box Chink-A-Flame Oriental Silver Transposition Wind Up Rising Card Card In A Glass Hot Colour Change Cigarette Vanish Folded Card To Wallet Ring In Lightbulb Running Time Approximately: 1hr 5min

  • At long last, International Magic is proud to release a live lecture of Chris Power and his incredible card magic. Here you are going to find an in depth discussion of many important card techniques, such as the Hofzinser Cull, the One Hand Top Palm, the Top Change, the Fan Steal and Chriss amazing One Hand Bottom Palm. During the lecture, you will

  • Heres a chance to experience one of Magics unsung legends, Bob Ostin. With an incredibly charming and bubbly personality, Bob wins you over almost before he even starts. Then, hell proceed to show you some of the best simple, quick, eye popping magic youll ever see. Whats more, the material is almost entirely original to Bob. Included are: Vanishin

  • A DVD that concentrates on teaching the vital moves and counts that are necessary to perform so many card routines. Very clean handling and perfect instruction by the excellent magician and teacher, Dave Jones. Various camera angles ensure perfect viewing for the intricacies of these special moves. Contents include.. Jordan Count Elmsley Count Hamm

  • Will Houstoun is one of the real up and coming young talents from the U.K. He burst onto the Magic scene by taking third place in our own prestigious Close-Up Competition, then went on to confirm his standing by taking first prize in the British Magic Championship, Blackpool, 2006. This is Will Houstouns first lecture and we are proud to have him a

  • Ideal for those who want to learn this incredibly baffling and popular form of magic. This DVD teaches you you step by step, some of the most stunning effects ever. Packed solid with excellent effects, thisll have people thinking you have supernatural powers. Routines included are.. Loose change Thought Transfer Number Test Psychological & Ment

  • This 2 DVD set was re - recorded by Walt in 2007 and released in 2008. It contains his full lecture covering a vast aray of commercial magic, plus a pdf of the full Canibal Cards booklet. The Fredward Victor Rope Routine A Chop Cup for Mugs Con Away Silk Plug Ugly Carmo with a Touch of Reelism Nimrod Ball Vase Bamboozlement Off-Color

  • This is the first time Andy Nyman has agreed to make a video of his material. Packed into this DVD are routines that Andy has been performing as part of his professional mentalism cabaret and close-up sets for many years. This is a lecture that combines highlights from Andys books - "Short, Punchy & Mental" and "Kosher Products". With a distinc

  • Coin Act Teach Me a Trick Tonnys Click Pass Coins Across Coin Transpositions Jumbo Coin Switch Jumbo Coin Vanish Chinese Purse Unthread Move Twin Decks Routine Shuffled Reverse Invisible Deck How To Make A Stripper Pack Stripper Use Advise Nudist Deck Running Time Approximately: 1hr 30min

  • The lecture starts with a comedy routine (I shall not spoil things here by revealing what happens), followed by a Nudist Deck routine called Barely Naked (worth the price of the DVD). Its an ultra clean version, where having shown the cards blank on both sides, the print materializes and the pack can be examined or used in other routines. "A trick

  • After winning several awards including the British Ring Ditta Shield and 2nd place manipulation at FISM, Ron MacMillan made his name performing his manipulation act across Europe and the US in the 1960s. He established the International Magic Shop in central London in the early 60s, which is still operating today, 50 years later, and run by his son

  • An important part of any magicians repertoire is the opening effect. So how do you break the ice and get into your close up magic routine? This DVD is packed with essential information and a variety of tricks to cover this part of your performance. Theres tips on everything from approaching a table to walking onto the largest stage - a must for all

  • Superb double set DVD of Rene Lavand's London performances

  • The use of a Flash product is the perfect way to enhance a magic trick. Yet, there is very little written or recorded about how, when and where to use these products. On this DVD, Scott Penrose* gives an in depth teaching on everything youll need to know - including how to store, how to handle, how to use and even how to tell the quality of product

  • Anthony Owen is well-known as a BAFTA and Rose Dor award winning television magic producer and executive on over one hundred hours of television magic shows including Derren Brown, The Real Hustle, Dirty Tricks, Magick, Monkey Magic, The Quick Trick Show and The Secret World of Magic. However, his first love is as a creator of original, innovative

  • The Al Schneider Lecture by Al Schneider Prior to recording this excellent lecture, Al Schneider presented a workshop for a group of 40 magicians. To those in the know, the name Al Schneider is so powerful that the workshop could have been sold twice, yet was only advertised by word of mouth. Those who had the privilege of attending confessed that

  • JC Wagner Lecture by International Magic At last. A live lecture from Legendary close-up bar magician J. C. Wagner! On this DVD you are going to learn some fantastic card magic.. STAND-UP TRIUMPH is the ideal WALKAROUND version of this effect, and will fool magicians as well as laymen. After a card is freely chosen, the deck is mixed face up and fa

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