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  • The latest issue has arrived and completes the first dozen issues and marks the end of the 6th volume. Happy anniversary Gibeciere!

  • The 11th issue of Gibeciere is finished, and we are very excited.

  • For our spectacular tenth issue, we hear from a familiar voice, welcome a celebrated new contributor, and unearth a centuries-old manuscript that turns the entire timeline of magic history on its ear. First, Barry Wiley chronicles the remarkable Nellie Bly, considered the first female journalist, and her shrewd exposure of fraudulent supernatural p

  • Magic lovers rejoice! Due to the great efforts of our editor Stephen Minch the new issue of Gibeciere (Winter 2010) is now off the press.

  • Similar to the Summer 2007 issue where we reprinted Horatio Galasso's Giochi di carte belissimi (Most beautiful card games), this issue features a new and complete translation of Enganos a ojos vistas (Deceptions in Plain Sight) by Pablo Minguet e Yrol.

  • Our fourth volume begins the year with two new and fascinating articles. As with all of our contributions, these articles feature novel discussions of previously little known or practically lost historical information. We begin with "The Thought-Reader Craze" by Barry Wiley. Well known for his scholarship, this article features original research an

  • We gladly submit a most fascinating Gibeciere issue for your perusal.

  • The first issue of our third volume includes the fascinating third installment of Mitsunobu Matsuyamas "An Investigation into Magic in Japan after the Opening of the Country." This time he is solving the mystery of Soto Sunetaros arrival in the U.S.A. and discussing the role that Soto played in the history of de Koltas "Expanding Die" illusion. Dr.

  • In this issue weve made a brief departure from our usual style. In lieu of articles on various subjects, weve dedicated our current issue to the translation and analysis of one of the rarest and most important books in the history of magic. In 1593, Venice, Italy, Horatio Galassos Giochi di carte belissimi (Most beautiful card games) was printed fo

  • Our third issue continues Gibeciere's enlightening forays into the magical tradition with four exquisite articles. As usual the contents feature brand new revelations and insight into our history.

  • Issue two of Gibeciere continues the scholarly tradition begun in issue one with three exceptional articles. The first article marks the beginning of Mitsunobu Matsuyamas enlightening series of articles, "An Investigation into Magic in Japan after the Opening of the Country". Albrecht Heeffer contributes the next article, "Recreations Mathematiques

  • The first issue of Gibeciere features several very salient articles as well as introductory pieces by Stephen Minch, the Editor, and William Kalush, the Executive Director. A fascinating article on "The Yawning Mouth", by Volker Huber, starts the issue. Mr. Huber looks at the origins of the principle and then moves forward to the various incarnatio

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items