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  • THE SPECTRUMALIST by WAYNE DOBSON AND WORLD MAGIC SHOP INCLUDES DEVILISHLY CLEVER PROPS AND PERFORMANCE RIGHTS LICENCE From the Professional Television Routines Series, with all rights included, World Magic Shop in association with DTrik present THE SPECTRUMALIST. THE SPECTRUMALIST is not only one of the most baffling mentalism routines ever create

  • Incredible Flying Knots is an amazing rope trick! Its visual, funny, surprising, and packs small. You take three different colored ropes and you tie a knot in each one. Then you place a white rope in your hand, but you do NOT tie a knot in it! Three different colored ropes, each having a knot, are in one hand, and a white rope with no knot is in th

  • How do you reveal a card onstage? It has to be something dynamic, physical, and memorable. Cue Kung Fu Foot! Created and honed to perfection by FISM Grand Champion Héctor Mancha, this hilarious card revelation allows you to stab a card from midair.. with your foot! Kung Fu Foot works with any pair of socks and pants and minimal one-time preparation

  • The magician holds a wooden tray containing a shot glass, a brandy glass and six colored golf balls. A spectator is chosen at random and asked to choose any one of the colored golf balls. The magician then explains that he is going to make the selected ball magically appear inside the shot glass! To make things more difficult, the brandy glass is t

  • This is Stop the Press, a headline prediction with a supermarket tabloid like the Globe, or the National Enquirer. You hand a sealed envelope, containing a prediction, to a bystander. A page from the tabloid is torn into pieces and a spectator selects one of the pieces. Headlines on other pieces are all shown to be different. The spectator gets to

  • This trick is perfect for kids magicians as well as clowns! As you tell the story of the neighborhood Ice Cream Man and his daily visits, you show a beautifully hand-crafted wooden prop with an ice cream truck silk-screened on the side. When you open up the truck, you reveal four silk-screened cones topped with ice cream (2" sponge balls), all the

  • LOOK LIKE AN EXPERT CON MAN The Game is a complete treatise on The Three Shell Game. It comes with all you need to learn and perform this great guessing game. Youll be taught maneuvers designed to fool your audience, step by step. Theyll be amazed at your skill, and theyll have fun trying to guess where the pea is. Comes with all the supplies youll

  • The "No way!" signed bill in ball of wool A spectators SIGNED bill vanishes and reappears tied at the end of a ball of wool! The ball of wool is in the spectators hand since the beginning of the show. The bill is really SIGNED by the spectator. The spectator himself unties the signed bill from the end of the yarn. He also unfolds the bill and check

  • "A beautiful drawstring bag that will vanish or appear any small item up to the size of a YO YO." LOOKS LIKE AN OLD FASHION MARBLE BAG A BEAUTIFUL PROP MADE TO LAST A LIFETIME Enjoy the magic by G Sparks The bag is the perfect weight of a fine quality black rayon fabric, 6 x 6 1/2 inches. This is a Malini style bag with the added feature of the dra

  • "Tempus" takes the PsyClock effect to a whole new level of awesomeness!! Not only does this make the perfect stage piece and workers prop but Tempus is also the ideal effect to have at home. Imagine when you have guests for dinner. You give one of your guest the task of saying "NOW" at any point in the evening. You immediately take them to the ro

  • From the creative mind of João Miranda, together with Ramon Amaral, arrives the perfect opener for parlor or stage. The magician introduces a bottle full of orange juice and places it inside of a bag. After a magical pass, the juice bottle transforms into a bottle of Coke! Then the magician rips the bag apart.. the orange juice bottle has disappear

  • Super easy to do (comes complete with EVERYTHING needed to do both phases of the routine) No legitimate cube-solving necessary Can be performed close-up, stand-up and completely surrounded The custom-designed, state-of-the-art gimmick does all the work for you! THIS IS THE CUBE YOUVE BEEN WAITING FOR "For over a decade, I have performed RUBICON ar

  • "This prop is beautifully invisible to the audience. Organic and powerful. I cant wait to try new magic with AmazeBox!" - Justin Flom "This is one of the most exciting new tools I have seen. It not only is super cool and clever, its extremely versatile and completely practical. This is something I will use." - Dan White When Vanishing Inc. released

  • "An impossible penetration right before your very eyes." A BALL PENETRATES THE BULB THEIR DOLLAR PENETRATES THE BULB THE CHOSEN CARD PENETRATES THE BULB Enjoy the magic by G Sparks The clear glass appliance bulb does the impossible. Includes velvet carry bag, 2 red sponge balls and a pair of tweezers. Pictured is a 1 1/4 inch sponge ball in the bul

  • This magical effect will surprise your entire audience. A balloon will pop while attached to a plastic wand, with the explosion all under your control! The performer inflates the balloon in front of the audience, and sticks it on a classical plastic wand for balloons. Now, place the wand with the balloon over a pedestal. With a magical touch, the b

  • "It is a powerful utility tool for a strong effect" - Anson Lee A single card changes its color for four times. Sounds amazing, right? What if I told you a single card could change its color SIX times in a row? With Colorful, you can do it! Designed by rising young magician, JHENG CIAN LIN, and performed by Anson Lee, who won 4th prize in the FISM

  • The Ultimate Kabuki Drop Resource is a must-have for any theater or stage practitioner looking to add a strong piece of stagecraft to their shows or performances. This book is the definitive reference on the "Kabuki Drop". A Kabuki Drop is a stagecraft technique and a release system that drops an open suspended curtain to the floor for a dramatic r

  • Talented professional magician, Fabien Solaz will teach you how to become a cane master. Make them appear, disappear and even make them dance!!! Every secret of this AMAZING "PACKS SMALL and PLAYS BIG" prop WILL BE revealed to you. This DVD is recorded live FROM American cruise lines, Paris TV SHOWS and the streets of China. No doubt you will have

  • The Card Umbrella has playing cards printed on the cloth. The product does not have a switch button which means it will be opened automatically as soon as it is pulled out. A truly interesting product that can easily be added to your card performances.

  • The Karpinski Genii Tube has unique features that differentiate it from the traditional Genii Tube. The square design, rather than the more common cylinder design, has two distinct load chambers which can be filled separately. Additionally, the hinged division allows the tube to be opened vertically and shown empty. The angled wooden slats that cre

  • The performer produces and displays a large fan of money. He tosses the fan of money into the air and it transforms to a magicians top hat, decorated all over with money! He can wear the novel top hat or use it as a container for the props in his act, like cards, balls and silks.

  • Practical for the person who has little room to spare for transport and best of all this product weighs only 2.48kilos/5.47lb! You receive a firm curtain cloth and aluminum with a good finish.

  • Practical for the person who has little room to spare for transport and best of all this product weighs only 2.48kilos/5.47lb! You receive a firm curtain cloth and aluminum with a good finish.

  • Practical for the person who has little room to spare for transport and best of all this product weighs only 2.48kilos/5.47lb! You receive a firm curtain cloth and aluminum with a good finish.

Showing 1 - 24 of 2587 items