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  • This is a classic prop with a variety of effects. You can vanish the cane instantly, change it into a silk, or have it disintegrate into a shower of confetti! Ideal as an opening or closing trick, this versatile magicians tool is sure to be fun to perform and watch. Instructions included.

  • This trick has been performed by some of the greatest magicians in history, including Harry Houdini! The magician demonstrates a blades sharpness by cutting a piece of newspaper. The magician then places several of these blades into his/her mouth. It appears that the magician has swallowed the blades by showing his mouth empty. The performer places

  • Cue cards have been used for years in the TV business. Now you have a fun, magical way to introduce an "Applause Please" cue card to your performances. The magician brings out the "Applause Please" card to cue the audience to clap. The audience will follow instructions and politely clap. The magician turns over the card where it boldly says, "Loude

  • This is a classic prop with a variety of effects. You can vanish the cane instantly, change it into a silk, or have it disintegrate into a shower of confetti! Ideal as an opening or closing trick, this versatile magicians tool is sure to be fun to perform and watch. Instructions included.

  • The magician shows a large umbrella and wraps it inside a folded beach mat or a double sheet of newspaper. The magician then displays six colored silks and places them in a bag or a bag with a handle. After a magical gesture, from the bag is pulled out of the beach mat or newspaper that covered the umbrella shown at the beginning. Mysteriously, ins

  • Instant Rubik is a simple and a very visual trick. You must be a genius to solve a Rubiks Cube, but with Instant Rubik, you can solve the cube in a blink of an eye! It looks as if its a camera trick but, in reality, its not!! You can perform surrounded, on stage, or right under your spectators nose. And, it is super easy! Is it a versatile trick? T

  • This is a torn and restored effect using a single newspaper page or magazine cover. Martin Lewis created it in the seventies while working at Earthquake McGoons Magic Cellar in San Francisco but it has evolved over the years to what it is now. The beauty of this method is that you end clean and can immediately hand out the restored paper, or use it

  • Known as being one of the finest effects in magic, this set of eight Linking Rings wow the audience every time as they are linked and unlinked. This effect has been around as early as the 1st century, according to some sources, and continues to be a staple in performances. And theres a reason for this - they boggle the audiences mind! Rings are ap

  • After pouring a glass of liquid from a bottle, you make the bottle disappear right in front of your audience, using a silk. There are variations in how to use this effect in your routine, but the outcome is always the same: Amazement! Instructions included. Silk not included.

  • With this chair (the lightest and thinnest on the market), you can add a humorous touch to your performances. It can be used as a normal chair or to create funny moments. At your command, the chair generates a slight, harmless shock - annoying enough that the person sitting on it typically jumps off of it. It is powered by two standard batteries an

  • The Double Flower Bouquet is a traditional staple in stage and parlor magic. The magician holds a beautiful, colorful bouquet of flowers, and as the magician bows to the audience -- suddenly two bouquets appear! Imagine your audiences surprise! 2 high quality feather flower bouquets included Easy and smooth production Great for parlor and stage mag

  • The magician displays a Bouquet of 5 white flowers. As he plucks them one by one, he is left with a bunch of stems and leaves. Suddenly the bunch begins to swell, and small, multi-colored buds inexplicitly appear on the stems. The buds continue to grow, bigger and bigger, until the magician is holding a beautiful, full multi-colored bouquet of flow

  • After showing five sharp blades, the performer puts them in a plastic case. He removes the blades from the case, and places them in his mouth. A bit of thread is then put into his mouth. The thread is then slowly pulled out, and the blades are now shown to be attached to the thread! This is a high precision product - offering a new and better metho

  • This is the smoothest version of the classic torn and restored newspaper you have ever seen! Nicks handling of Alex Elmsleys brilliant effect is the routine he has closed his show on for thirty years. Why do the routine in slow motion? Nick routinely receives standing ovations due to this unique handling. The slow-motion element turns a good trick

  • "Now you will always have a strong closer to your show for the rest of your career." - Ken Brooke Nick Lewin on the Multiplying Bottles. "In 1965 I was lucky enough to learn the Multiplying Bottles from Ken Brooke, who used it to close his show. I learned the routine in half hour lessons and when I finally finished my tuition Ken turned to me and s

  • It has been said that if you want to develop new things, you have to look in the old books. Theres nothing like reviving a powerful classic, giving it a breath of fresh air. Another treasure from Marianos repertoire, a truly mind blowing routine, perfected over the years. Easy to understand for the audience Easy to learn Uses a normal cup (ungimmic

  • All you need are thirteen paper napkins, an empty chair, and THIS ROUTINE! This routine is one of the most highly commercial and laugh-filled effects in the business. It was the centerpiece of Nicks professional show for many years. He is now passing on the full details of this classic routine for the first time, every detail of Kens routine, plus

  • THE SPECTRUMALIST by WAYNE DOBSON AND WORLD MAGIC SHOP INCLUDES DEVILISHLY CLEVER PROPS AND PERFORMANCE RIGHTS LICENCE From the Professional Television Routines Series, with all rights included, World Magic Shop in association with DTrik present THE SPECTRUMALIST. THE SPECTRUMALIST is not only one of the most baffling mentalism routines ever create

  • Incredible Flying Knots is an amazing rope trick! Its visual, funny, surprising, and packs small. You take three different colored ropes and you tie a knot in each one. Then you place a white rope in your hand, but you do NOT tie a knot in it! Three different colored ropes, each having a knot, are in one hand, and a white rope with no knot is in th

  • How do you reveal a card onstage? It has to be something dynamic, physical, and memorable. Cue Kung Fu Foot! Created and honed to perfection by FISM Grand Champion Héctor Mancha, this hilarious card revelation allows you to stab a card from midair.. with your foot! Kung Fu Foot works with any pair of socks and pants and minimal one-time preparation

  • The magician holds a wooden tray containing a shot glass, a brandy glass and six colored golf balls. A spectator is chosen at random and asked to choose any one of the colored golf balls. The magician then explains that he is going to make the selected ball magically appear inside the shot glass! To make things more difficult, the brandy glass is t

  • This is Stop the Press, a headline prediction with a supermarket tabloid like the Globe, or the National Enquirer. You hand a sealed envelope, containing a prediction, to a bystander. A page from the tabloid is torn into pieces and a spectator selects one of the pieces. Headlines on other pieces are all shown to be different. The spectator gets to

  • This trick is perfect for kids magicians as well as clowns! As you tell the story of the neighborhood Ice Cream Man and his daily visits, you show a beautifully hand-crafted wooden prop with an ice cream truck silk-screened on the side. When you open up the truck, you reveal four silk-screened cones topped with ice cream (2" sponge balls), all the

  • LOOK LIKE AN EXPERT CON MAN The Game is a complete treatise on The Three Shell Game. It comes with all you need to learn and perform this great guessing game. Youll be taught maneuvers designed to fool your audience, step by step. Theyll be amazed at your skill, and theyll have fun trying to guess where the pea is. Comes with all the supplies youll

Showing 1 - 24 of 2604 items