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  • Woody Aragón is one of the most important modern card magic creators. His first book, A Book in English, was a bestseller that influenced top magicians. Names such as Penn & Teller, Eric Jones and Pit Hartling choose Woodys tricks for their shows. The reason? Woodys magic is strong, its clever, it fools.. and audiences love it! In his new book,

  • After nearly a decade, magics most influential and persuasive voice returns to the printed page, in the highly-anticipated Preserving Mystery. This 250-page volume is a collection of 18 thought-provoking essays about the art, craft, and history of magic that is likely to stimulate, inform, excite, entertain, and perhaps occasionally enrage any seri

  • Grips, Lines and Looks is the definitive work from FISM award winner Marc Oberon, finally revealing his complete system for choreographing and structuring performances. Watch them be elevated from simple tricks to powerful moments of real magic. If you have ever wondered how to increase the impact of your existing repertoire of material, this beaut

  • TIME Magazine called Derek Dingle "..the greatest card manipulator.." This is not because of the tricks or books that made him famous to magicians. When Derek Dingle performed for laymen, he relied on five classic effects -- reworked with his trademark cleverness, and executed with remarkable skill. Now, Derek Dingles Last Notes is yours. Flip thro

  • If youre looking for new routines for family entertainment, Just for Fun is a gold mine of new ideas. Christopher T. Magician combines techniques from classic close-up and parlor magic, with original props like ketchup bottles, stuffed animals, fake mustaches, and spaghetti. The result is fresh material for family shows that is contemporary, amazin

  • GENII THE CONJURORS MAGAZINE VOLUME 80 NUMBER 4 April 2017 FEATURES Balancing Acts: David Bens Hocus Pocus at the Soulpepper Theater by Noah Levine Thoughts on The Stevens Control by David Ben A Tough Knife to Swallow by David Ben With a Grain of Salt by David Ben The Transparent Man by Richard Wiseman and David Britland COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Ric

  • A 200-page book and performance DVD! So Sato is the amazing card man whose books published in Japan sold out almost immediately. He has somehow remained a complete mystery to those in the west. So Sato is reluctantly explaining 35 of his most devious creations with playing cards in his first English book.. his secrets are out! A remarkable mix of d

  • Heres everything you ever need to know on how to perform the famous Three Card Monte. Its a challenge to learn and a challenge to do it without getting caught. Its fundamentals are simple to learn and its performance is difficult to perfect. Everyone knows what it is, but very few can do it really well. Its Three Card Monte, and since every finger-

  • The Intrepid Rogues Manual of Deception is a new book by performing mentalist Atlas Brookings, and represents his first major work since Train Tracking. This book is full of helpful advice and brilliant effects to improve your magic. The Manual of Deception is 224 pages long and comprises 8 essays, one switch technique, and 14 effects. While he is

  • A magnificent collection of fascinating articles from all over the globe, for your perusal. Inside this issue: Mitsunobu Matsuyama discusses a mathematical mind reading effect in his article, "Metsuke-ji: The Trick that Taught a Country." In addition to the history and method of the effect, Matsuyama details the influence of the trick and how it he

  • The cards rest on the table in front of your first participant, who gingerly picks them up and begins to count down to his secret number - a number that has never been written down, verbalized, or communicated to any other person. He counts down slowly, card after card, and then, abruptly, stops. He pauses and sets this last card aside. He has neve

  • There are some pretty cool things that you can do with a memorized deck. The only trouble is that you have to memorize 52 cards in 52 positions. Not only can that prove challenging, but it is incredibly time consuming -- it requires constant work to move that information from your short term to your long-term memory. Understandably, not many people

  • Most of us have seen those shows on television where someone takes something to a flea market or rummage sale, only to have an expert with a trained eye come along and see through all the age, dust and patina that comes with neglect to discover a hidden gem -- a priceless and coveted item. All too often in Mentalism, the method is not what we expec

  • When this routine was first released in the Pyscrets publication, Liber Mentis, it created quite a stir. It offered a means of performing both a lie detector type routine as well as an incredibly clean and direct mind read, devoid of any standard form of method. At the time, the text was only available through the Psycrets publication, but after th

  • An important step-by-step guide on how to maximize your image through social media and improve your business! Luca Volpe and Alex Le Fanu have decided to reveal all the tips and tricks on social media marketing in a book that is specifically written for mentalists and magicians. We all know how important it is to engage our audience using Facebook,

  • Gazzo is recognized as one of the worlds foremost street entertainers and magicians. For over 25 years, he has been performing his unique style of magic throughout the world. From the streets of Boston, USA and London, England to Cruise Ships and Las Vegas, Gazzo is held in high esteem by his fellow professionals and audiences alike. Much of Gazzos

  • The purpose of this book is to teach magicians how to become entertainers with their magic. This is not a book of magic tricks, but an education on how to present magic as it should be presented. From selecting your tricks to routining your act, John shows you all the ins and outs. If youre already a pro or if youre just starting out, Close-Up Pres

  • The Golden Age of Magic Posters - The Nielsen Collection Part II chronicles the second half of what has been called the finest private collection of magic posters ever assembled, by legendary manipulative magician, Norm Nielsen. The book includes gorgeous, full-color images of some 300 posters. Each one is complemented by detailed, historical data,

  • Ten years ago the first edition of the pocket size Expert at the Card Table was released. It has been sold out for years and Conjuring Arts has created an updated and improved version. Features: - Its bound in a luxurious, chestnut brown, supple faux-leather that looks and feels real! - More flexible - this version is more pliable and wont easily g

  • This definitive and highly anticipated biography corrects and enhances the record regarding one of the most renowned magicians of the 19th Century. Meticulously researched by Edwin and Michael Dawes, printed by Hermetic Press, and published by Conjuring Arts, John Henry Anderson: The Great Wizard of the North and His Magical Family is a comprehensi

  • GENII THE CONJURORS MAGAZINE VOLUME 80 NUMBER 3 March 2017 FEATURES Steve Valentine: Life and Other Deceptions by Chris Philpott The Rosenkranz Mysteries An Evening of Magic to Lift the Spirits by Danny Orleans COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman The Eye by Todd Karr Now Performing In Memoriam Michael David Giles by Nicholas Night On the Slant

  • The Ultimate Kabuki Drop Resource is a must-have for any theater or stage practitioner looking to add a strong piece of stagecraft to their shows or performances. This book is the definitive reference on the "Kabuki Drop". A Kabuki Drop is a stagecraft technique and a release system that drops an open suspended curtain to the floor for a dramatic r

  • A quarter century after his death in 1992, the story of McDonald Birch, the Master Magician has been written. Working from extensive research gathered by the late Charles McCall, Tom Ewing now tells the story of Mack and Mabel Birch and their life of magic, triumphs and great success. * Hardcover with dust jacket * 278 pages * Color Throughout * Hu

  • Intimum Sacrarium is a private and exclusive release which contains Andreus latest impromptu mentalism creations. Most of this material can be performed in AAA (anytime, anywhere, for anyone) conditions as it has been designed with the "impromptu" premise in mind - from minimal to zero preparation whatsoever. For some of the effects, setup may be r

Showing 1 - 24 of 1377 items