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  • A collection of a number of the most popular and best gaffed cards that have ever been created to date. Many of your favorite tricks with gaffed cards can be readily assembled from this excellent assortment. The cards feature faces and backs that match the Expert Playing Card Co.'s Superior Brand Classic Playing Cards with red and black back designs.

  • One of the greatest effects ever created is now available, factory made and sealed. This is the best Invisible Deck created to date. It features the Expert Playing Card Co.'s Superior Brand Classic playing cards, and matches the regular decks perfectly except for the seal, so you can instantly be sure which deck is which. The tuck case is a special...

  • 52 Blank Back Bicycle Cards (box color varies)

  • Black NOC's just got a WHOLE LOT better! 

  • Triple deck by Ferry de Riemer & MagicfromHollandAn amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to perform great miracles and are very easy to do! Available in Regular, Ultimate or Blank (red or blue backed)

  • WEAPONS is the BEST Gaffed deck to come along in years!

  • Trick photography? Hardly. But once you witness The Exchange in action, you'll swear that either a supernatural force has possessed a deck of cards or you've witnessed a bona-fide blip in the fabric of reality.

  • This is no medical miracle. Its simply a diabolical deck of cards that lets you operate like a master magician. The Cardiologist Deck can be shuffled - by both the magician and the spectator - at any time. Even so, the magician can instantly, without complicated sleight of hand, find the mate of any card freely selected by the spectator. No matter

  • rsvp presents - The Dark Deco. Its first custom deck in their new range of quality playing cards. This deck has been custom designed from the ground up and made for us by The United States Playing Card Company on their famous Bicycle Card Stock. With Air Cushioned finish, they are simply beautiful to use and perfect for all magicians and collec

  • This deck is a regular Bicycle deck. All the cards in this deck have been shortened a fraction of an inch. Similar to a Svengali deck. Available in Rider or Mandolin Backs (Red or Blue)

  • Yes, the Ultimate is the marked deck you have been dreaming of! Manufactured in "Rider Back 808-R" Bicycle Cards by the United States Playing Cards Company.This is the marked deck you have been waiting for!

  • Keeping with our exacting standards for magicians, Card-Shark is proud to release our "Casino Quality" Phoenix Svengali Deck. These decks are made from sorted "Casino Quality" Short Cards blended with our regular "Casino Quality" Phoenix Cards. The result is a Svengali Deck that handles like no other. We even shortened the back design on the short

  • These Casino Quality Phoenix Decks - produced at the US Playing Card Company - are cut one millimeter shorter than a standard Poker Size Deck. And to make this even more devious, we altered the art work to eliminate the tell-tale narrow border. These decks have a multitude of uses; in fact a chapter in The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks has been desig

  • Card-Shark is proud to release its Poker Size "Casino Quality" Stripper Deck. These decks are produced at US Playing Card Company; printed and die cut to their highest quality level. To top that, we even altered the back design by tilting it in proportion to the "Stripper Cut". 

  • Imagine at the end of your close-up performance, you cause every card in the deck to turn TOTALLY the SPECTATORS HANDS! This is one of the strongest closing effects possible with a deck of cards. You can do it anywhere, standing, no table required, and it resets instantly. Building on the notion of the popular Omni Deck, The Pha

  • Magic at the speed of sight! What is invisible to your audience, even under close inspection, is clearly visible to you from across the room!It's a powerful card marking fluid. Demonstrate your psychic powers and perform awesome card magic!

  • Many amazing effects can be accomplished with magnetic cards. Many routines can be found on line.  Available in Double backed red or blue bicycle stock

  • An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles - yet is EASY TO DO.

  • The game ESP Origins became two years one of the most popular games ESP market, its very discreet marking yet devilishly effective one makes a formidable weapon for all mentalists. You can now discover in its black version. The game is inspired by the Origins ESP cards, Karl Zener popularized by Joseph Banks Rhine in the early twentieth century. Re

  • Here is a very colorful effect that can be presented as both card magic and mental magic. The supplied deck can be used in various other presentations.

  • Alphabet cards have lately been harder to find than honest politicians. Now, they are available again - but this time as casino quality playing cards!

  • Mayette Magie Moderne has had these ESP Cards specially made for you by The US Playing Card Company, the manufacturers of Bicycle cards. The Bicycle brand cards have the classic Rider backs, and on their faces they have the five ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) symbols: Circle, Cross, Waves, Square, and Star. These cards were first created by Dr. Kar

  • From Imagin-If Magic come an ALL NEW product.40 DIFFERENT FAKO DECALS ENCLOSED!

  • The cards will be on standard Bicycle cards stock and standard Bicycle finish. And the design of the box will be just like the old boxes Bicycle Rider Back.

Showing 1 - 24 of 150 items