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  • A pedestal vase has a lid, which fits snugly over the ball inside. This ball can be made to vanish, re-appear and penetrate the pedestal vase.

  • Magician repeatedly removes props from a small bag to perform tricks. After performance the magician puts back props into the bag. Holding the bag between both hands, magician gives it a jerk. In a flash, both props and bag vanish leaving a big beautiful Cape in the magicians hands. Color of the Cape produced is totally different from color of the

  • A fluted transparent glass filled with colored liquid is held in the left hand. Now the magic wand held in right hand is inserted into the glass & lifted. The glass in left hand is now seen suspended in mid air at the lower end of the wand held in right. Further the palm of the right hand is opened to show the wand also hanging on the right han

  • Plastic paddle is shown with a red star on both sides. The star than changes colors again and again total of four colors.

  • A photo frame is shown clearly to be empty and covered with a cloth. Magician makes his prediction appear in the photo frame when the cloth is removed. .

  • Solid wooden eggs for use with all egg tricks such as Egg Bag etc.

  • Pin this bag by the LOOP into the lining of the jacket. There is a small flap at the bottom edge of the bag. This is to make sure that the balls are not seen even when the jacket opens too wide.

  • A paper strip HABIT written on it is torn in pieces according to the patter and finally restored to the amazement.

  • Rice multiplies and changes to water.

  • This effect is similar to the above, but the result of the two papers being restored is a pair of pants which are complete and could actually be worn!

  • Effect On this audio cassette, Michael reveals eight principles for making your magic more memorable in the minds of your audience. These are powerful, profitable ideas certain to stimulate your mind with good ideas repeatedly. See why this tape has received so much praise. Running Time Approximately 45 min

  • The Perfect Couch Potato Trick-Works with any VCR -No forces -No skill required -Use any three movies -Bonus routine included! You tell your friend that they can choose from three different movies. You can use any three movies you want. You hand them the remote control and tell them to name a movie. They simply name the movie, h

  • Collectors Packet Volume 1 by Matinka and Company Effect In this packet you get several items such as: Vintage Magic Programs, Cards, Handbills, Magazines and more from the Martinka Magic Archives and are making them available in this limited edition collectors packet. While the contents of each packet will vary a bitfrom one packet to another, ea

  • The magician displays a large (10" by 5.5" by 5.5") wooden box and opens up the front doors, showing the inside empty. He then closes the doors, flips open the top, reaches inside and magically produces anything that fits-silks, flowers, livestock, etc.! Conceals large loads Allows you to apparently show the entire inside empty

  • Set includes three jumbo 6 inch colored knives and illustrated instructions. These are the great Mogar knives we have had in stock.

  • The package consists of a Black/Black, White/White, White/Black, a white/Red/ VC knife and a Red/Black.Also included is a Pocket Holder, a Vinyl carrying case, Written and illustrated Routine instructions.Your audience will really enjoy this one. You can also get a Standard 3 knife set consisting of Black, White, and White/Black. These are the g

  • Includes set of four 3 inch colored knives, illustrated instructions and carrying case. These are the great Mogar knives we have had in stock.

  • The magician shows both hands to be completely empty and either removes or borrows an ordinary handkerchief. He places the handkerchief over his closed left fist and creates a small "pocket". He then pours some salt into his hand. Instantly, the salt then vanishes! The magician shows both of his hands empty and freely shows the handkerchief. Where

  • In front of the audience you edit and morph the words of your latest promotional poster as you fold it down to the essence of your needs: "WILL DO TRICKS FOR FOOD" This prop is made to last, gets great laughs every time, and Packs small, but Plays BIG!!

  • "Very good! I have no idea how you did it!" - Jerry Andrus The magician removes a pin that is stuck in his shirt and places it on his palm-up hand. Slowly the pin stands on its head, then lays down again. The magician removes his hand and the pin remains horizontal..floating in air! Heres what baffled magicians & inventors of other floating eff

  • The magician displays a handkerchief with fish in an aquarium. Into an empty fish bowl, he magically pours the fish and water out of the dry kerchief. After the fish is swimming in his new home, the magician reveals that the aquarium on the handkerchief has been emptied as well! Includes special handkerchief and detailed, illustrated instructions

  • Set includes four 3 inch knives, vinyl carrying case, carying bag, and illustrated instructions. These are the great Mogar knives we have had in stock.

  • The performer pours a small glass of liquid into his closed fist. The liquid then vanishes completely! When the audience asks where the liquid went, the magician replies that it is in his pocket. He then removes a full glass of liquid from his pocket!

  • Its always full! No matter how many times the magician empties this cute country-style jug, it allways seems to refill itself. Fill it with water, milk or any other liquid. Even after tapping out the last drop of liquid and inverting the jug completely, it continues to fill itself. Made in the USA .

Showing 25 - 48 of 88 items