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  • The magician spreads a silk scarf on the table and folds it in half twice. With his fingers resting on the cloths edge, he concentrates and makes the cloth jump up and down as if there was a ghost inside!

  • A Pocket Version of One of the Most Famous Tricks The performer covers the ball with a silk pocket handkerchief and while he holds the corners of the handkerchief, the ball begins to rise in a ghostly manner! Then it floats away under the handkerchief, up and down and finally rests on the edge of the handkerchief. Finally, the magician grabs the ba

  • At anytime during his show, the magician holds out his hand, palm down. Magically, a glittering ribbon begins streaming from his hand! Contains 10 coils. Each spool contains 70 feet of ribbon.

  • 15 roses with leaves- this production item looks extremely lifelike. Produce this bouquet, toss it high into the air, and it will flip and land right-side-up creating part of a beautiful on-stage garden! Be sure to have two or three of these ready to produce the biggest reaction from your audience! Effect is beautifully packaged and includes comp

  • Now, you can make formal-wear functional-wear. With the most natural of movements, make objects appear and disappear.

  • Make small objects disappear in an instant with this beautiful Wonder Hank. Approximate size- 12" x 12"

  • Magically "color" the black and white image in this classic magic effect! Great for Child performances or giveaways.

  • The magician displays an empty paper bag to the audience, showing it from all sides (and inside!). He then shows both hands empty, reaches inside and pulls out a transparent box full of loose flowers! He can then repeat this two more times, each time showing the bag empty before producing another box.

  • The magician displays a tall flower in his left hand and apparently takes an invisible thread from his pocket. He ties one end of the thread around the flower and holds onto the other end. When he gives the thread a tug, the flower bends towards him! Many possible uses.

  • This improved version of the old double cloth can both vanish and appear items with ease. It is an essential prop for any magician.

  • Vernets Universal Pull is the only pull in existence with so many features. With this pull, you can make almost anything vanish! The size and shape of the pull make it very easy to naturally palm and the special design allows it to hold a large variety of items. Cigarettes, pens, coins, sponge balls, rolled up bills, even pieces of silverware can b

  • Lip Smacker by Paul Harris Pouring a couple of breath mints onto someones hand is one of the most natural social interactions known to modern man (and woman). If you could then make one of the breath mints VANISH out of her hand..then re-appear in your LIPS..well, then youd just about have the most perfect ice breaker possible, not to mention appea

  • The magician displays three pieces of rope, each different sizes. He folds the pieces into his hand and when he stretches the pieces out theyre all the same length!

  • Color Changing Feather (Large) by Uday The magician displays 6 feather plumes, all different colors. He rolls up a sheet of thin cardboard into a tube and then, one by one pushes the plumes through the tube. Each plume changes colors when it comes out the other side! At the end of the routine the magician opens up the tube to show it s completely e

  • You show a beautiful necklace made of "poppit beads" and give it to the audience to be examined. Then ask anyone to call a number. You pull the necklace apart showing a long string of beads and give it to the spectator. Then ask him to pull on the ends of the necklace and the string breaks at the exact chosen number. You can repeat the effect with

  • X-Con marks the spot where what is real collides with what is really cool! "Reed performs some of the most beautiful magic Ive ever seen. His ideas are years ahead of their time, his routines are superb, and his technique is flawless. Anything that Reed decides to release, I MUST own for my personal collection!" - Daryl, World Renowned Magician Eve

Showing 73 - 88 of 88 items