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  • A plain simple outline of a lonely evergreen tree is instantly transformed into a beautiful Christmas tree being decorated by a happy boy and girl in their cozy family room!

  • The classic Gag Bag is continually turned inside out, ever changing the "print" of the fabric. Finally a surprise load is produced. This one is in Christmas themed fabric.

  • An handkerchief is shown on both sides and the corners are gathered to form a bag. A silk or other object is dropped inside. When the corners are released the item has vanished! The corners are regathered and a DIFFERENT item is retrieved from the hanky! Any combination of productions, vanishes, or switches may be employed as you wish. FABRIC MAY VARY BUT...

  • "Have you ever noticed that there is a Christmas card hidden in a deck?" Says the performer and picks up a card. The card has an illustration of a Christmas wreath on its front. Then the performer starts to list random things which reminds us of Christmas. When he comes to the end of the list he says "a Christmas cake", and you find a Christmas cake has...

  • Insta-Snow Powder is the original fake snow polymer that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow in seconds.

  • This high-quality silk is perfect for all kinds of magic routines. From stage performances to close-up illusions, this elegant 100% silk with a graphic of a Santa is an essential part of your next holiday act! Dimensions Approximately 18" (45.72cm)

  • This 36" Christmas silk featuring a Santa bunny is perfect for any holiday routine.

  • A Look Never Seen Before...! Yes, have you ever seen a bald Santa? Well! You and your audience must have never seen a bald Santa. Effect : Santa feels as if he has lost his hat, he is unaware that his hat is with the magician. In the poster Santa is Bald with no hat but, magician shows his kindness and gives Santas hat in a magical way. Possibility

  • Effect: Santa has been having trouble getting down the Chimney in one piece. His body gets all mixed up and eventually winds up back to normal. Includes 1 wooden tube decorated to look like a chimney, 4 wooden blocks with Santa Claus on them, instruction sheet.

  • These silks are manufactured for various different types of magic shows.An imaginative magician will find new was to incorporate these into his shows. This Merry Christmas silk is a more specialized occasions.

  • Ask a friend "What do you think is the most quoted Bible Scripture?" Most will say John 3:16. Show the stack Cards with the words "Jesus Died For US" and the cross with Jesus on the cross on the top card. Read John 3:16 and then have them marked through the words "the world" and have them write their name instead...

  • This is a single frame for the instant art inserts by Ickle Pickle Magic.

  • Inserts for the Instant Art Frame, Available as snowman, rudolph, santa, haunted house and birthday designs

  • BRAND NEW DESIGN - EXCLUSIVE - ONLY 100 PIECES AVAILABLE.ONCE THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE!This is a new Christmas design suitable for the long festive season.

  • Effect: A cut out of a gingerbread man is seen to be standing on the magicians table. He is holding an inflated balloon. The magician tells the story of how the Gingerbread Man lost his head. During this story, the magician removes the gingerbread mans head and puts it inside a hanky held at the corners like a bag. When the hanky is opened, it is f

  • The magician displays two sheets of tissue paper and tears them into two different pieces giving two sheets to a child audience volunteer who is instructed to "Do As I Do and we will restore our pieces together". The volunteer is left with several torn pieces but the magician takes their pieces and ads them to his & restores the paper to a Sant

  • Effect The magician shows two jumbo sized cards, one with Rudolph the Reindeer the other with Santa. The magician hides Rudolph behind his back and asks the audience "Wheres Santa?" The audience replies "Santas in your other hand!" But to their surprise, the magician brings the card out from behind his back to show that Santa was hiding there the w

  • Ever been faced with having to make someone - Santa, the CEO, a celebrity, guest of honor - magically appear? John Kaplan has. On many occasions for the same client, which meant that it had to be done differently each time. Here you will find a half-dozen of Johns favorite "appearance" illusions.. proven practical, real-world methods by which you c

  • In this book, Marc Dibowski, author of some bestselling books in germany, shares ideas and effects for a magic act in the holiday season. Add a touch of winter and christmas to your kids show, stand-up, mental or close-up act. In addition to ideas on props, you will also find routines and ways to tailor your act for christmas without high expenses,

  • This is an updated and modified version of the classic Farmyard Frolics (Edwin Hooper) style childrens effect again with a twist. Great festive fun routine where Santa vanishes and appears in a funny comical routine with a different ending to the original style of effect. After Santa vanishes, the magician cant see him peeping out the side and the

  • Tony Chris presents his Christmas children and family magic show for schools and corporate events that has made him one of the most in-demand childrens entertainers in all of Canada. In this DVD, he will perform 3 separate shows in front of live audiences in the school system and from his corporate Christmas show. You will see a real world professi

  • This collection of 22 illusion plans taken from the pages of Genii Magazine and themed to the holiday season is a great resource for the performer who wants to add some seasonal flavor to their presentation. Featured are illusions that produce Santa Claus, create a classic Dickens scene, make Frosty come alive, make Christmas trees and elves appear

  • A fun-tastic Christmas routine with Rudy the Flying Reindeer! "He vanishes!" "He flies invisibly through the air!" "He goes down chimneys and through doors by magic!" The performer shows a colorful cardboard plaque of Rudy Reindeer. Rudy couldnt fly like all of the other reindeer, so Santa gave him a magic cape -- and a special job.

  • A new model of change bag resembling Santas cap with a smooth finishing. Ideal for X-mas shows.

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