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  • The performer displays a small packet of business size cards, each with a large cross printed on them. He has spectator initial the top card of the stack, removes this card from the packet and hands it to the spectator. He finds his initials are still on the card as well as a large sign on the cross stating: "He Died For You". Very easy to do. Inc

  • Ask a friend "What do you think is the most quoted Bible Scripture?" Most will say John 3:16. Show the stack Cards with the words "Jesus Died For US" and the cross with Jesus on the cross on the top card. Read John 3:16 and then have them marked through the words "the world" and have them write their name instead...

  • Ghost writer is a powerful tool that allows to you make the most incredible revelations. You can use any powder such as sugar, salt, coffe, etc. Just let the powder fall on any surface and the prediction will appear. Its ideal for mentalism and card effects. This set includes all the necessary tools and a DVD with great ideas by its creator, the Me

  • Magic by Gosh presents a Gospel 36-inch 100% China Silk depicting a God is Love text.

  • Magic by Gosh presents a Gospel 36-inch 100% China Silk depicting the Face of Jesus.

  • During the course of any magic or comedy routine the performer opens up his Bible and real flames shoot out from inside! Of course, you could also open the book without having the flames-its under your complete control at all times. Battery-operated (no flint wheel to fuss with) and quality-made.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items