ConSealment by Wayne Rogers

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A multi-purpose utility device for the mentalist and magician.

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A multi-purpose utility device for the mentalist and magician. Wayne Rogers is the original creator of this envelope and since it's release in early 2008 it has made its way to many a professional workers repertoire. For the first time Consealment is now available to others in this unique package.

Use it to switch predictions, multiple outs, change cards, read serial numbers, the ideal "clean up" for packet card tricks. So many uses you are limited by your imagination.

Spectators can look right inside up close with nothing suspicious to see yet you can use it to perform some incredible magic and mentalism.

Also included on the DVD is the PDF file so you can see the original instructions and get a full understanding on the construction of the gimmick envelope.

This DVD shares 12 effects and is a great starting point to show you what can be done with this envelope. Ideal for the complete beginner to the advanced performer.

Linking Paper Clips - a great walk-around effect Wayne performs for kids
Princess Card Trick - no double-backed cards - clean and easy to do
Key-Rect - no gimmick lock or keys - just Consealment and a set of regular keys and a lock
Cards Across - a close-up version that is easy to do
Time Warp - using envelope for Out To Lunch
3rd Choice by Corinda - no double-sided cards used.
Serial Number reading - used for bill or billet switch
Book Test - anytime with any book
Bank Night - NO force and completely FREE choice
Diary Presage - as used by Paul Romhany in his routine for Multiple Outs. (Performance only)
Which Hand - finale for a Which Hand type routine
Signed Envelope - have the spectator sign the envelope and perform changes right under their nose!

1) 10 professionally manufactured gimmick envelopes
2) DVD - 60 minutes of instructions and routines and ideas
3) PDF file of original make-up and design of envelope

Check out the 'Consealment' Trailer

Video Source : The World Of Magic YouTube Channel

Reviews (5)

By Paul Romhany on 24/12/2014
Title: Such a Variety of Routines
Text: I don't know of ANY OTHER envelope that offers such a variety of routines for both magicians and mentalists
By Mike Ince on 24/12/2014
Title: This is slick
Text: This is slick. I love simplicity. Having said that, I wouldn't have thought of this . . . Doug Dyment was right. This is a practical solution I can use
By Doug Dyment on 24/12/2014
Title: A Winner
Text: I think you have a winner here
By Ken Dyne on 24/12/2014
Title: nobody comes close to what Wayne produces
Text: When it comes to envelopes, nobody comes close to what Wayne Rogers produces
By Richard Osterlind on 24/12/2014
Title: very deceptive!
Text: What is so good is the fact that you use the "seam" side for both sides. Usually, gimmicked envelopes use the plain side. Somehow, using the seam side really makes it look ordinary. Yes, they are very deceptive!
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