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  • 40 years ago, Paul Gross started Hocus Pocus Magic and grew it from a small corner shop into one of the worlds largest family owned and operated magic suppliers. Paul has equipped famous magicians and hobbyists alike with everything imaginable from stage props to coin shells, from head twisters to silk scarves, all while providing unparalleled cust

  • The Intrepid Rogues Manual of Deception is a new book by performing mentalist Atlas Brookings, and represents his first major work since Train Tracking. This book is full of helpful advice and brilliant effects to improve your magic. The Manual of Deception is 224 pages long and comprises 8 essays, one switch technique, and 14 effects. While he is

  • "A classic trick, now with push button ease." VISUAL COMEDY MAGIC A QUICK SHOT CARD THAT ALWAYS WINS Enjoy the Magic by G Sparks The electronic card rising receiver, runs on 2 AAA batteries, (batteries not supplied), and is attached to a standard playing card that comes in a gloss white card case box. The receiver can be placed into any standard ca

  • Heres everything you ever need to know on how to perform the famous Three Card Monte. Its a challenge to learn and a challenge to do it without getting caught. Its fundamentals are simple to learn and its performance is difficult to perfect. Everyone knows what it is, but very few can do it really well. Its Three Card Monte, and since every finger-

  • How do you reveal a card onstage? It has to be something dynamic, physical, and memorable. Cue Kung Fu Foot! Created and honed to perfection by FISM Grand Champion Héctor Mancha, this hilarious card revelation allows you to stab a card from midair.. with your foot! Kung Fu Foot works with any pair of socks and pants and minimal one-time preparation

  • Dr. Daleys last card trick is widely regarded as one of the most powerful close-up effects ever created. This classic effect has not only been given a fresh new look, but also comes with an eye-popping routine that will appeal to both adults and children alike. Using the custom-manufactured gimmicks supplied, you will always be ready to engage your

  • "Open Prediction" is as simple and direct as it gets. You begin by placing a single prediction card onto the table. The spectator is then invited to select any card from a regular shuffled deck. The spectators choice is real, and there is no force of any kind. Amazingly, when both cards are revealed, they are found to be perfect mates. It really do

  • The magician holds a wooden tray containing a shot glass, a brandy glass and six colored golf balls. A spectator is chosen at random and asked to choose any one of the colored golf balls. The magician then explains that he is going to make the selected ball magically appear inside the shot glass! To make things more difficult, the brandy glass is t

  • "Ive been doing Vision in my lectures for several years. At the last Blackpool Convention in February, I fooled more than a few well-known magicians and mentalists with this gimmick! Once you have the secret, many effects are possible! Ill give you two, but Im sure youll find many others on your own!" - Mickael Chatelain VISION Created by Mickael C

  • "Ive been doing Vision in my lectures for several years. At the last Blackpool Convention in February, I fooled more than a few well-known magicians and mentalists with this gimmick! Once you have the secret, many effects are possible! Ill give you two, but Im sure youll find many others on your own!" - Mickael Chatelain VISION Created by Mickael C

  • Join Mike Sullivan and Dave Loosley for a definitive look at Waynes signature "hands off" effect, Lucky Card. The first in a series of definitive guides, you will learn, in depth, one of the most powerful card tricks out there. Just imagine -- the spectator shuffles a borrowed deck of cards while you introduce your "Lucky Card." The spectator then

  • A Surprisingly Visual Marked Card Routine "I really like this trick and appreciate the logic of how the pieces fit together so beautifully." - Daryl You let the audience in on a secret.. Youre using a marked deck of cards. Surprising changes happen as the blue-backed cards become red, and the secret marks become highly visible! Includes special dec

  • This is Stop the Press, a headline prediction with a supermarket tabloid like the Globe, or the National Enquirer. You hand a sealed envelope, containing a prediction, to a bystander. A page from the tabloid is torn into pieces and a spectator selects one of the pieces. Headlines on other pieces are all shown to be different. The spectator gets to

  • A magnificent collection of fascinating articles from all over the globe, for your perusal. Inside this issue: Mitsunobu Matsuyama discusses a mathematical mind reading effect in his article, "Metsuke-ji: The Trick that Taught a Country." In addition to the history and method of the effect, Matsuyama details the influence of the trick and how it he

  • With just a cup and a ball, you can perform vanishes, reappearances, penetration effects, etc., with minimal knowledge of sleight of hand. Thats probably a key reason why the Chop Cup has become an all-time classic! However, one disadvantage, in which weve found the solution, is that it can be inconvenient to bring the cup with you at all times. Ou

  • Mystique: noun - a framework of doctrines, ideas, beliefs, or the like, constructed around a person or object, endowing the person or object with enhanced value or profound meaning: Designed by Shapeshifters playing cards, printed by the USPCC and distributed by Gamblers Warehouse, you are guaranteed to be enchanted by these mysterious, yet exquisi

  • EFFECT: You show your spectator three photographs. "One of these guys was REALLY lucky, and I want you to focus, in your mind, on whichever person you think it was." Now you show them three lottery tickets from three different countries. All three tickets are ripped in half and one of them belongs to the person they have in mind. You ask your spect

  • "I hate gum tricks, but I love this one. Im fooled." - Justin Flom Nothing is more organic, spontaneous, or surprising to spectators than taking an ordinary object and creating a miracle. Thats exactly what youll learn to do on Kevin Lis Cohesive. Here youll learn the secrets behind a series of strikingly visual effects using a familiar object that

  • Collectable Playing Cards and Johnny Whaam introduce their brand new Bicycle Heir Deck, with custom galore! Flip through the deck, and you are sure to admire its combination of young and old. The rightful heir to the throne awaits in the shadows, and with it brings great responsibility. The court cards display a unique, one-of-a-kind portrait of yo

  • From the mind of Danny Weiser comes a new twist on the Kineti-key effect! MOVE Imagine using a pen throughout your performance, allowing the spectator to use AND inspect it as well. Then, under your complete control, you cause the clip to detach from the cap and move along the body of the pen. You then magically restore the clip back onto the cap a

  • Attire is the ultimate way to introduce a Sharpie. They see a design of a marker on your shirt, and with a simple pull on the image, and you now have a REAL Sharpie in your hand that you can use in your next routine! Attire is a unique piece of magic from the creative duo of Roddy McGhie and Danny Weiser. Its truly like nothing else on the market.

  • In what is destined to become the go-to trick for professionals around the globe, Bare generates screams, gasps, and reactions like no other trick we know. This special, hand-altered Sharpie marker allows you to cause ANY card, initials, number, or simple shape to appear ON A SPECTATORS HAND. They hold out a hand, palm down, and you gently sprinkle

  • This trick is perfect for kids magicians as well as clowns! As you tell the story of the neighborhood Ice Cream Man and his daily visits, you show a beautifully hand-crafted wooden prop with an ice cream truck silk-screened on the side. When you open up the truck, you reveal four silk-screened cones topped with ice cream (2" sponge balls), all the

  • You know about sponge balls and sponge rabbits. Now, heres a Sponge Magic Wand! Imagine your audiences surprise when you announce, "For me to do my greatest magic, Ill of course need my magic wand." You then bring out (or produce) your giant Sponge Magic Wand! Perfect opener! Then, use the Sponge Magic Wand for your other magical effects and routin

Showing 1 - 24 of 46 items