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  • 288 pages and nearly 2 lbs, this issue opens with a long-anticipated piece by Barry Wiley on the Piddingtons. Syd Piddington was a magician who was captured and imprisoned as a POW in Changi prison, Singapore during World War II. During his captivity, with the help of Russell Braddon, Fergus Anckorn and others, he created one of the greatest mind-reading...

  • In this issue, Mitsunobu Matsuyama brings you the 10th and final installment of his comprehensive Investigation into Magic in Japan After the Opening of the Country.

  • In this issue, Barry Wiley joins us again, this time bringing us a wonderful and insightful look into the life and career of Stanley Jaks.

  • The professional magician and researcher of conjuring history, Tyler Wilson, has discovered a rare and virtually unknown booklet on card magic from 1877. Its contents would seem to necessitate a reassessment of the legacy of S.W. Erdnase. Given the importance of this work, we have reproduced it in its entirety, and Tyler Wilson provides the revealing...

  • This begins with a dangerous look at Faustino Chacan, the fireproof man, courtesy of Enrique Jiménez-Martinez. The brush with Mr. Chacón left this issue a little bit singed on the cover, but none the worse for content. 

  • A magnificent collection of fascinating articles for your perusal from all over the globe.

  • Perform a centuries old mystery with Conjuring Arts beautiful facsimile of Horatio Galassos A devotione del signore. Recently discovered, this unique magic prop allows you to read your spectators mind with virtually no effort! Every magic library needs this special mind reading book. Imagine asking your spectators to think of any saint pictured in

  • A magnificent collection of fascinating articles for your perusal. These originate from all over the globe.

  • Feature Interview - Derek Hughes: Derek tells John Lovick how appearing on "Americas Got Talent" helped him enliven material that "works" into something very special. Columns: Doc Eason - Behind the Bar Doc and Garrett Thomas discuss some new additions to Docs marvelous "Mardi Gras Bar Bet" routine. Kainoa Harbottle - Coin U Kainoa discusses the cl

  • GENII THE CONJURORS MAGAZINE VOLUME 80 NUMBER 6 June 2017 FEATURES Akira Fujii: Japanese Master Interview by Richard Kaufman The Magic of Akira Fujii described by Stephen Hobbs The Lone Card Squeeze Shot Two Passes The 49th Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show by Dustin Stinett The House Theatre of Chicago by Neil Tobin COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richa

  • If youve never seen Menny Lindenfeld, AKA, "The ParaMentalist" perform, you are in for a real treat. An award-winning, international paranormal entertainer, Menny has appeared on numerous highly-rated international TV shows: including Phenomenon - (The Next Uri Geller), and was one of the finalists on Fool the Master with Max Maven, just to name a

  • Sal "The Hitman" Piacente, is more than just a magician, hes a real miracle worker. A leading authority in the world of card cheating, Sals been on notable TV shows, including Travel Channels Game On, America and National Geographics Casino Wars. Off-air, Sal channels his twenty-six years of experience into lecturing, as well as teaching the Casin

  • "Reynold is a hidden gem from Puerto Rico whose lecture has a little something for everyone. Plus, everything he shares (Close-Up to Stand-Up) is thoroughly audience-tested from his professional repertoire!" - Gregory Wilson "Reynolds lecture is full of inspiring ideas and practical details from a true professional that thinks about his show, the k

  • A professional magician, creator and lecturer, João Miranda is best known for his creations in magic, two bestselling books, and the founder of the Oporto Magic School. With more than 20 inventions, like the Vision Box and Lynx Smoke Watch, his creations have been performed by the worlds top magicians in both television and live shows. Now he bring

  • From his Encyclopedia of Coin Sleights to his Knockout Coin Magic video series, Dr. Michael Rubinstein is a legend in the world of coin magic. As one of the creative forces behind the 16 volume New York Coin Magic Seminar DVD series, his work has been hailed as the "video Bobo" for the 21st century. Best of all, this lecture on coins is completely

  • Originally from North Carolina and now living in Las Vegas, Luke Dancy has spent the last 30 years as a performer, creator, and consultant for Criss Angel. With a love and passion for magic that is contagious, we invite you to join us At The Table with the man behind the mischief, Luke Dancy. Magic with double-stick tape is something that Luke has

  • 2017 starts with a bang with Menny Lindenfeld. If youve never seen "The ParaMentalist" perform before, you are in for a real treat. An award-winning, international paranormal entertainer, Menny has appeared on numerous highly-rated international TV shows: including Phenomenon - (The Next Uri Geller), and was one of the finalists on Fool the Master

  • "A wonderful compilation of easy-to-perform, direct effects. It is easy to see that these have indeed been used in real time situations and not just a series of pipe dreams. Not only that, they get ones own creative juices flowing." - Banachek "Kudos to Dennis for putting the emphasis on classical routines. Like a good gourmet chef, Dennis has achi

  • This is the long awaited third volume of card magic by the world-renowned magician, Roy Walton. It has been some 28 years since the last completely new, collected works book was released. We are extremely excited to offer this new volume to the magical fraternity. This volume contains 96 carefully selected effects with cards; some previously unpubl

  • A mind-boggling comedy rope routine from award-winning magician, John Zander. Stand Up, Close-Up or Strolling! Easy to do, Fast Reset End squeaky Clean! A multi-phased rope routine that does not require any extra props. With Loose Ends, you will receive great audience interaction as you keep losing the ends of the rope - they keep becoming the midd

  • Hardbound Printed Book Plus, the interactive Digital Book Free! This book package is jam backed with a culmination of Tony Clarks 30 years of firsthand experience as a professional magician, producer, and consultant as well as from some of the worlds best magicians he had the honor of learning from. Tony will share priceless time test insider secre

  • "Benjamin Earl is one of the best cardmen around today. Less is More, is a bona fide winner! It gets my highest recommendation." - Steve Forte "Ben has cleared a path for all of us to follow." - David Williamson "I think this is absolutely terrific. I loved reading it. I loved watching it. I loved thinking about it. Hell, Im still thinking about it

  • Want to learn more than card magic? This DVD explains incredible effects using not only cards, but coins, matches, and iPhones. Quite a variety! On this DVD, you will learn: CARD THING by Patrick Kun - A very direct card sandwich effect that happens in the spectators hands. COIN THING by Patrick Kun - A new utility coin move that allows you to secr

  • Are you looking to enhance your business? Can you use more gigs? Ready to learn how to increase your income performing magic? Then read on, as heres a product geared for you. Matt Fore is a writer for, and The Huffington Post. Most importantly, Matt Fore is first and foremost, a working magician, and has been performing

Showing 25 - 48 of 11095 items