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Phoneomenon by Doug McKenzie (DVD)


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Performed on David Blaine's Drowned Alive television special , Phoneomenon causes any prediction to appear on a stranger's cell phone.

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Doug McKenzie is the street-smart pro that gave you the indescribably wonderful "Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch." He's unlocked the vault once again to let loose another one of his hardcore thrillers: Phoneomenon.

Here's the effect as recently featured on two different TV specials:

A random stranger in the crowd is focused on remembering a card when suddenly her cell phone rings. She takes her phone out of her pocket to check who's calling only to see the name of her card staring her in the face.

Phoneomenon is the result of Doug McKenzie's life long fascination with cell phones and how to secretly load them with information. He includes all the street smarts and technical tricks needed to transform any cell phone into a heart-stopping Phoneomenon.
Includes a wide variety of methods to suit different performing situations. No gimmicks or special devices required. Multiple presentational ideas described in detail. Features a system that gives you instant access to almost any modern cell phone.Note: Phoneomenon is a situational effect that may require audience management skills.

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