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Sync is the perfect method for guessing a name completely prop-less.

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Fraser Parker recently went back to his notebooks to an older idea of his for guessing a name without the spectator ever having to say a word and after a few days of playing with scripting all of the pieces of the jigsaw finally fell into place.

It is now possible to guess any name or word thought of by the spectator without them ever having to name letters or words associated with letters from the name - in fact, they can stay completely silent throughout the entire process.

The method itself is pure simplicity and is possibly the most elegant solution ever worked out for a prop-less name guess. It makes what was previously thought of as impossible, child's play.

You say a few lines of scripting to the spectator and from that moment on can perceive which letters the spectator thinks of with no guess work whatsoever.

The script is exactly as it would be if you were doing this for real with no trick yet you are able to discern which letters the spectator is thinking and subsequently guess any name or word thought of.

NO stooges or instant stooges. It can be performed one on one or in front of larger groups.

This is a prop-less utility that can be used to guess literally anything.

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