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  • Methodical by Aaron Smith This 31 page booklet contains 5 essays, each including a trick that uses the effects as examples to illustrate the various concepts. One Two Twos Sandwich, Hold the Selection Please - A sandwich effect with a twist, and a beautiful flourish that teaches why a show of skill is not always a hint to method! Neoteric Signed

  • Boxing Ring Undefeated by Aaron Smith Effect Round TWO armed with all-new instructions! Described in detail step-by-step. Youll discover magic in every part of this amazing kit. Aaron Smiths Boxing Ring Undefeated is ready to go, hassle FREE! The durable re-construction is made to last. Pure visual impact lands a fatal blow.. A borrowed ring is pla

  • The worlds deadliest magic trick, now funnier than ever! With only a couple of ordinary props, all of which fit in your pocket, you can fill the whole stage with magic, comedy, and suspense. Sure, bullets are frightening, but today, money goes so fast its scary! A signed $100 dollar bill magically travels from the spectators "hand gun," through the

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items