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  • Do you want to try something stylish and modern? If you say "Yes", "Laser Anywhere" is for you. "Laser Anywhere" is a complete course of CD Manipulation. In Volume 1, Adrian Man, a Hong Kong award winning magician, will teach you everything on CD Manipulation. Adrian covers every topics of CD Manipulation including Palming, Production, Holder, Body

  • Manipulation CDs Box Set (Standard) by Live Magic Manipulation CDs Box Set (Standard) The first, the finest and the only Manipulation CDs in the world. Designed and made by professionals, specially for CD Manipulation They are 1/2 thinner than the regular CDs Excellent quality finish Perfect for beginners to experts Comes with 15 (fifteen) 0.6

  • Laser Anywhere Volume 2 by Live Magic In the Volume 2 of "Laser Anywhere", Adrian mainly focuses on the manipulation of Mini-CD. You should find that the techniques of Mini-CD and CD are totally different, and Adrian will show you every single technique of Mini-CD Manipulation including Palming, Transposition, Transformation, etc. Through the clear

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items