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  • Back in 1986 Devin Knight who performed as a professional psychic shocked the world with a headline prediction that involved the Newfoundland Plane crash that killed over 200 people. The prediction had been held by a state senator. News of this went worldwide and the story was carried in over 2000 newspapers. In the history of magic NO HEADLINE pre

  • Autobend Silverware by Devin Knight and Al Mann Al Mann & Devin Knight were some of the early originators of self bending spoon techniques. This is the REAL work on self-bending spoons developed jointly by Al Mann and Devin Knight during the mid 80s. You get the exact method used by Devin in newspaper office thru out the years to garner front p

  • Two participants secretly choose words from a "real vocabulary book" containing hundreds of words. There are no duplicate words in the books word list. The two participants then look up their respective words in an ungimmicked dictionary. The performer, who can be 15 feet or more away, divines both words. He does this without touching either book o

  • The effect reads totally impossible, yet it is accurate in every regard. One of the most unique and baffling magical effects on stage today. Direct from Devin Knights own stage show and a limited release, this is based on a little known idea that Al Mann shared with Devin. Devins original idea has been revised and improved upon to make it into

  • A Psychic Dematerialization A rare insight into Al Manns least-known manuscript, The Sensational Boiler Escape. In 1987, Mann revised this effect and sold the exclusive rights to Devin Knight as a unique demonstration of psychic powers to be used on a TV show. The effect was as follows: The performer is visibly locked into an examined metal

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items