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  • Worth the cost of the entire series, this first volume in Al Schneiders landmark video series is a significant contribution to the whys and hows of performing magic. The value of the information presented here cannot be underestimated as Al Schneider presents the principles that lie at the very core of magic deception. And, to drive home each princ

  • More than just a collection of tricks, the material demonstrated and taught in the second volume of Al Schneiders landmark video series could easily form the backbone of an entire close-up act! Master any of these magical showpieces and youll quickly earn a reputation for performing professional-caliber magic like one would expect to see in Las Veg

  • More Close-Up Quick Tricks: Volume Three by Al Schneider A splendid opener for any close-up routine. Two cards are shown on both sides. The cards are placed together and a half-dollar drops out from between them. This is repeated three times though the cards are shown on both sides before each production. COIN THRU RING COIN THRU HANK RING AND PENC

  • Though he is known for his legendary close-up magic, Al Schneider is also an accomplished stand-up performer and on this volume, he performs and teaches a 15-minute act thats all packaged and ready to do. Add some practice and youll have a powerful show for any occasion. CONTENTS INCLUDE: LINKING RINGS - A classic five-ring routine thats a great

  • The Al Schneider Lecture by Al Schneider Prior to recording this excellent lecture, Al Schneider presented a workshop for a group of 40 magicians. To those in the know, the name Al Schneider is so powerful that the workshop could have been sold twice, yet was only advertised by word of mouth. Those who had the privilege of attending confessed that

  • In the world of magic literature, where there's an overabundance of the ordinary, every so often, a book comes along that clearly stands out from the rehashed and recycled norm. A book that, even on casual perusal, demands to be studied for a lifetime. A book that represents the life's work of one of magic's most gifted artists.

  • Project Codeword: Quantum Rings From the L&L Underground Research Facility The goal for these experiments was to push the envelope of existing Linking Rings technology far beyond its normal limits. We believe these goals have been realized in the Quantum Rings project. Youll find two Linking Ring routines demonstrated and explained on this DVD.

  • Project Codeword: Vessels and Orbs From the L & L Underground Research Facility These experiments push the envelope of existing Cups and Balls technology far beyond its normal limits. The goal for this project is more repeatability, more shock, and more practicality. We believe these goals have been realized in the Vessels and Orbs Project. Wha

  • This DVD contains a collection of classic coin effects that Al Schneider has been working on for the last 50 years. The experiments presented are an attempt to move these classic 20th century effects into the 21st century. Fifty years of Als magic experience has been focused on making these effects more streamlined and more magically powerful with

  • Research in this DVD is dedicated to locating routines that do not use gimmicks. In general, one can carry some simple props or even borrow something from someone to accomplish miracles. Though the props are simple, the experiments presented here are about high complex and advanced logic. There is some new stuff, some old stuff, and some new twists

  • In this set of experiments, we are looking for odd and novel methods and effects. The goal is to locate more effects that are cerebral. We want things that twist the mind. Who would think of a broken and restored potato chip? This DVD contains the effects - Diffusion, Back and Forth, Sly Cross Card, Goo Go, Universal Card , Eight Dollar Matrix, Dia

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items