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  • Love Storm by Alan Wong Add a little romance to your "Snow Storm in China" routine with these red heart shaped storm packets. Contains 12 Love storm packets. Instructions not included.

  • Neck Cracker by Alan Wong This gimmick will produce a loud crushing sound as if you have cracked your (or someones) neck. Just walk up to someone with your neck tilted to one side and wait till they ask you if there is something wrong with your neck or you tell the person you are having a stiff neck today. As you attempt to "adjust" your (or someon

  • Dream Lock by Alan Wong Effect A borrowed ring is locked on a 4 digit combination brass lock, the dials are mixed by the magician and the spectator can hold on to the lock while the dials are mixed and spectator can test a few times that the lock cannot be opened. Spectator thought of any 4 digit number and put the numbers on the lock by herself. T

  • Silk To Frog by Alan Wong Effect Magician (You) bring out a small green silk. Ask the spectator to think if a small green animal from a pond that starts with the letter F Most people will say FROG and then you push the silk into the fist. Cup your hands together and peep in between your fingers pretending you see something is changing. Ask spectato

  • Magic Wishing Coins by Alan Wong Magic Wishing Coins by Alan Wong are thin palming coins for manipulation, perfect for misers dream and pulling a coin out of someones ear.The value of this coin is ONE MAGIC WISH. A Magic Coin when you magically produce it from thin air should have the power to give someone a wish. On the other side is an original r

  • Collectors Mini Pom-Pom Stick by Alan Wong The Collectors Mini Pom-Pom Stick is brought to you by Alan Wong. A personal favorite of his to perform. Easy to work with, colorful, and fun to play with. You can adapt different scripts to suit your own style. Fits into any pocket and fully functional for close up performances. Made of Solid Brass with a

  • Silk to Duck by Alan Wong Effect Show a bright yellow silk, tuck it into your hand and change the silk into a duck! Very easy to do and funny to watch! Comes with one rubber ducky and a small yellow 100% silk handkerchief. Rubber Ducky Dimension Approximately 2" x 2" x 1 1/2"(5.08cm x 5.08cm x 3.81cm) Silk Dimension Approximately 8" x 8" (20.32cm

  • Magic Doodle Pen by Alan Wong Magic Doodle Pen is a new scientific invention that can apply to magic to create lots of new unusual and entertaining visual effects never seen before. Pack so small, play so big! Perform it anytime, anywhere - You dont need playing cards, no table or close up mat. You dont even have to be wearing clothes! Just carry a

  • 20 linked heart shaped and 10 matching single refills for Souvenir Linking Loverbands Linking LoverBands is a strange beautiful visual dream. Two separate red bands suddenly link..then slowly and visibly morph into two rubber band hearts! Its the perfect romantic souvenir for the ladies. You have the pure astonishment of the impossible link..combin

  • TWO NORMAL RUBBER BANDS LINK, VISIBLY MORPH INTO TWO PERMANENTLY LINKED HEARTS..THEN ARE GIVEN AWAY AS A ROMANTIC SOUVENIR! Souvenir Linking LoverBands is created by Alan Wong on the ten-year anniversary of his best selling rubber band effect "Stargazer". Paul Harris and Alan Wong had the same dream (at the same time) to produce permanently linked

  • Paper Butterflies Come to Life, dance and float at your command, finally bursting into a rainbow snowstorm of color and majesty! You receive all props necessary to perform this lyrical effect, just as Jeff has performed it in his stage act for the past 15 years.Exotic Asian Fan 1 Dozen Special Invisible Thread Very Special Invisible

  • Refill for Butterfly Blizzard Trick by Jeff McBride and Alan Wong.

  • Spice up your existing Souvenir Linking LoverBands routine with this special, custom made top up kit! Create the perfect SLL experience for Valentines Day, weddings, engagement parties, anniversaries, or just show this to the special lady you fall in love with! The SLL top up kit includes a chrome polished cupids arrow specially designed for the Li

  • Star gazer now comes with a step by step instructional DVD. After performing crazy mans handcuffs or any other rubber band effects, you offer to show your spectator one last trick. Using the SAME TWO rubber bands, you make several different shapes. These shapes are all pretty cool. Finally you make the shape of a star. Then one of the bands VISUALL

  • A completely new and impossible pen through coin effect where the coin can be shown before and after the penetration..ON BOTH SIDES!

  • This is the most super realistic sponge item ever made by Alan Wong. The set comes with four sponge tennis balls. You can produce them, vanish them, multiply them, throw them out for gags. They bounce like a real tennis ball too! Perfect for final loads under cups and balls - and as many as you can fit in!

  • Traditional straight jacket escapes use either a real straight jacket and years of professional practice, or use a gaffed jacket with professional acting. We are proud to release Paul Albertsons idea on the new double secured gaffed straight jacket that makes the jacket look real and you only need to focus on the presentation of the escape. Here ar

  • Complete set of 8 Maximum Grip Manipulation Wishing Coins (4 for each hand) comes in a quality black zippered coin bag. Available in Gold or Silver

  • This package comes with 3 sets, each set containing 4 sheets of mini card stickers with all 52 faces of a complete deck, with 4 extra jokers, 4 extra aces, 10 red backs and 10 blue backs to create all kinds of possibilities for your special magic effects. Reveal your prediction on your business card, your spectators business card, faces of their wa

  • This set of classic Rings and Coin trick comes with two REAL JADE BRACELETS that makes it a collectors item. From a small velvet bag you bring out two small jade rings, a red lucky envelope and carefully place them on top of the bag. You explain that the jade rings are traditional lucky charms for newborn babies in China, and newly wed couples give

  • Perfect for your "Snow Storm in China" routine. Also can be used with any of the snow storm cannons. Contains 12 multi-colored star storm packets. Instructions not included. Packet Dimensions Approximately 1 1/2" x 1 3/4" (3.8cm x 4.5cm)

  • MISSING is much more than just another gaffed card trick. Its an astonishing optical illusion, capable of dropping jaws and making head shake in disbelief, combining many of the very best features of strong close-up magic. Its simple, direct, extremely visual, and as much fun to perform as it is to watch. The icing on the cake is the fact that the

  • Magic Wishing Coins by Alan Wong are thin palming coins for manipulation, perfect for misers dream and pulling a coin out of someones ear.The value of this coin is ONE MAGIC WISH. A Magic Coin when you magically produce it from thin air should have the power to give someone a wish. On the other side is an original radiating Lucky Star design with s

  • Add a little variety to your "Snow Storm in China" routine with these pink cherry blossom shaped storm packets. Contains 12 Sakura storm packets. Instructions not included. Diameter Approximately: 1.5"

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