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  • 9 Commercial and Visual Routines from Magics Great Inventor - Nearly two hours of footage - Nine commercial, visual effects fully explained - Includes stage, close-up, and trade-show material - Bonus discussions of Bongos TV work, FISM act, etc. Ali Bongo (1929-2009) stood as one one magics most prolific inventors, creating practical and highly vis

  • Ten cards are dealt face down on to the table. One of these is freely indicated by a spectator, and the remainder of the cards turned over to show that they are all different. The performer now fans through the rest of the pack, face up. One card is seen to be reversed. This is removed and turned over to show that the name of a card is written acro

  • Ali Bongo needs no introduction to the magical fraternity. Word renowned for his enthusiastic and uniquely creative approach to magic, Ali is the ideas man behind many a famous name, as well as being a top flight professional performer himself. This is Ali Bongos first lecture for international. His talents have always and will continue to be admir

  • Visually penetrate through metal! Created by Ali Bongo New Construction by Kenichi Komiay

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items