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  • "The Secret" is mentalism and does take some guts. Some will want to use an occasional out. Bob Sheets, Allen Zingg and Kenton all have made reputations on this material. We supply some no-miss methods as well as the more bold approaches. This is POWERFUL stuff - some of the most valuable work Kenton has tipped in a long time. The Secret isnt

  • In 2004, Allen Zingg discovered a small exotic box. Crafted from wood with brass-colored metal accents, this box captured his attention with its air of mystery. Although he originally thought he would use the box only for billet work, an original and evocative magic routine popped into his mind. That first routine, along with several other billet

  • Sam Schwartz has been publishing his routines, ideas and techniques in various magazine publications for more than 50 years. He has also released a number of marketed effects through Louis Tannen, Inc. and has contributed to dozens of Karl Fulves publications. This book is a compilation of many of his best routines. Most of the magic is easy to lea

  • Master Billet Course Q & A With Billets - Volume 4 by Allen Zingg The culmination of the Master Course in Billets. The pinnacle in mentalism - Q & A. You will learn how to perform Q & A for anywhere from just a few people to a large audience. With just a few moves, you will devastate your audience. The highlight is the Stand-Up Q &

  • Master Billet Course Jazz Dancing - Volume 3 by Allen Zingg Allens original handlings of a brilliant billet technique. Only one card, naturally folded, and yet - you see all! The use of Billets in Mentalism is often regarded as a hidden art..until now. Allen Zingg offers this four volume course on the use of Billets. Billets are small slips of pape

  • Acting - Naturally (Card Magic) by Allen Zingg The second in the Acting Naturally Trilogy, this volume teaches how to create magic with cards. Formerly difficult sleights have been modified or redesigned to be easier to learn and perform, natrually and confidently. Routines include: Idenity Theft Intuitive Choice Slydini Suite Amazing Memory Aces

  • The Divining Rod by Allen Zingg and Blaine Harris Effect Peter Marucci, the clever and very creative Canadian performer of a diverse blend of magic and mentalism, shared a brilliant approach to the neo-classic "Hot Rod". Not your fathers "Hot Rod" any longer, Peter suggested an approach that gives this meaning, depth, and texture. Blaine Harris, a

  • The Taiji Coin Vanish And Other Mysteries by Allen Zingg The Taiji Coin Vanish is a new complete vanish of a large coin such as a silver dollar or half dollar. Designed to be performed standing and away from tables, The Taiji Coin Vanish uses no Topits, Hold-Outs or other mechanical devices or special clothing to cause a coin to vanish completely w

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items