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  • Mind Waves (3 DVD Set) by Andrew Gerard This 3 DVD set by Andrew Gerard is a complete look at everything you will need to know about performing mentalism on the radio, from gaining publicity locally in your area to promoting your show. On these DVDs Andrew Gerard explains the effects thoroughly leaving no question unanswered. Audio clips of the eff

  • KEY ACCESSORY by Andrew Gerard This effect has been said by many to be the most powerful Metal Bending Routine in existence, a personal experience for someone and a souvenir like no other. Effect Several keys and colored rubber bands are shown. A spectator freely selects a key. The key is initialed on one side by the spectator and then initial

  • Ice From Water by Andrew Gerard Effect The performer places a clear glass of water on the table. With sleeves rolled up and both hands shown empty, the performer reaches into the water and pulls out his hand in a closed fist, opens it, and ice appears.. Again, the performer shows his hand empty, reaches into the water, closes his hand and produces

  • Falling For You by Andrew Gerard "Very rarely do I feel that I have created a new plot in card magic that is unique and baffling. This effect and presentation I feel is both.." - Andrew Gerard Effect A spectator is shown a small bunch of cards and is asked to remember one. The cards are mixed and dropped to the ground by a spectator or magician one

  • Street Cents by Andrew Gerard Effect The performer gives a spectator his/her business card folded up and asks them to place it in their pocket for later. Then a game of "which coin in the hand" is played 5 times in a row and a score is kept of the spectators hits and misses. The performer asks the spectator to remove the business card thats been in

  • Cardiac by Andrew Gerard Effect Invite a spectator to take your pulse. To ensure there is nothing restricting your pulse, allow them to check under your arms and examine your arms completely. They will agree there are no devices on you. Ask them to find your pulse. When they have it, ask them to snap their fingers along with it.. They will keep tra

  • Accuracy by Andrew Gerard Effect The performer places a one dollar bill and a one hundred dollar bill on the table along with a quarter. The spectator is asked to spin the quarter on the table while the performers back is turned. When the quarter comes to rest the spectator is asked to remember which side is up. The spectator places the magicians w

  • It starts with a coin from their pocket; it bends in their hand and in front of their the end they are left with a bent coin they signed.

  • Ice From Water by Andrew Gerard Refill for Ice From Water Trick by Andrew Gerard

  • If you have ever wanted to predict a REAL scratch and win lotto ticket for your audience, now you can! 

  • Energy Bill by Andrew Gerard Effect The performer offers a demonstration of Human Energy. A bill is borrowed, signed and placed on the table. Held at the performers fingertips, the bill starts to move. The performer lets go of the bill and steps a few feet away. the bill continues to move! Finally the performer gestures and the bill fa

  • Andrew Gerard sits down with longtime friend, Bro Gilbert, and for the first time, reveals the invisible framework and formula, that may profoundly change the way you perform, create and even THINK about magic. Gerard shows 5 effects that incorporate The Process. The information contained in these DVDs will give you the ability to create an experie

  • This deck does everything for you and you can even perform it surrounded. Imagine having the spectator holding a shuffled deck of playing cards along with their signed card somewhere in the deck. They shake the deck, and the entire deck, including their signed card, rearranges itself back into new deck order; Ace to king. Its a jaw dropping miracle

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items