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  • If you like easy to perform Magic that gets great reactions, Doggy-Do! Is one for you. From the creative mind of Andy Clockwise who brought you Cheque Mate comes an effect so easy to perform youll be doing Doggy-Do! immediately. A length of beads openly displayed in your palm up hand instantly transform themselves into the shape of a small dog. All

  • An autograph book full of blank pages suddenly becomes filled with the "real" autographs of some of the worlds most famous magicians including Daryl, Ali Bongo, Billy McComb, Houdini, Terry Seabrooke, Lance Burton, Mark Wilson, Alex Elmsley, David Berglas, Jonathan Pendragon, David Nixon, Alan Shaxon and Paul Daniels. A random autograph is selected

  • "Loyalty" is a specially printed loyalty card with 16 different playing card revelations. YES!!! 16. Two routines, One great piece of Magic. Perfect for preforming Close-Up for a small group or in Cabaret if combined with a tossed out deck for hundreds. Carry it about in your own wallet or keep it in the wallet supplied and youve always got a mirac

  • Some fantastic prizes are up for grabs but what will be won? Its time for someone to play "Chance Of A Lifetime" This FUN routine which plays great for family audiences - either in Cabaret or Close-Up - leads your audience to believe that you, the game show host, have "messed up" and are about to give away a fantastic prize. Luckily, you have EVERY

  • Rubiks Rod is shown consisting of 6 colored cubes, Red, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Green. A color is selected by a spectator and with a quick shake, one side of the once mixed up Rubiks Rod is now solved with the chosen color. Rubiks Rod can now be mixed up and the effect repeated - with a DIFFERENT color. Easy to do. Great for Children and A

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items