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  • The performer offers to demonstrate how he became so dexterous as a magician by revealing an exercise called "Dead Cutting." The purpose of the exercise is to practice cutting an exact number of cards clean off the top of the pack. The magician demonstrates by succeeding at cutting exactly 12 cards off the top. then its a spectators turn t

  • Take your front row seat for a private performance at an exclusive nightclub in Londons West End. In his unique and inimitable style, Andy Nyman performs some of the most direct and powerful routines that have earned him a reputation as one of the worlds leading mentalists and creative thinkers in the world of Magic. From numerous appearances acros

  • Killer Elite Pro by Andy Nyman Andy Nymans Killer Elite was not only one of the most successful tricks of its time. It was also voted "Trick of the Year" but unfortunately it ceased production in early 2005. However it is now back and has been totally redesigned for the working performer. A combination of Andy Nymans thinking and Alakazam Magics de

  • This incredible new device will take your mentalism act to a whole new level. Andy Nyman created this product out of pure frustration. He had searched long and hard for a suitable prediction device that actually looked believable, everything just seemed so obvious. As a result of his failed search, Andy created his own version, but just another "pe

  • Miracle Monte (With DVD) by Andy Nyman and Anthony Owen Andy Nyman is one of the co-writers and creators of the acclaimed Derren Brown TV specials and series. He recently co-wrote and co-directed Derren Brown - Live, Derrens sell out UK tour. He is respected as a performer and teacher of mentalism and magic the world over and is one of a handful of

  • More high-callibre mentalism from lading performer and creator Andy Nyman. KOSHER PRODUCTS The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Charade Con Air Mr. Saturday Night Dead of Night Pages: 24 - Saddle Stitched

  • Andys brand new set of lecture notes available exclusively from Alakazam contain 5 sure fire mentalist tricks. If you know Andys mentalism youll know these are easy to do, high impact mentalist effects. FIGHT DIRTY The Dead Zone Chair Swindle Kick in the Head Danny Rose Cigar Trick The Hidden Pages: 28 - Saddle Stitched

  • These are Andys first set of notes and are packed full of strong, easy to do mentalism tricks. Trust me - you will want these notes! Featuring: Deep Red Prediction No Way Out Witness for the Prosecution (as performed with Derron Brown at Andys fantastic International Lecture) M.O.B. Billet Routine Homicide SHORT, PUNCHY, AND MENTAL No Way Out

  • This is the first time Andy Nyman has agreed to make a video of his material. Packed into this DVD are routines that Andy has been performing as part of his professional mentalism cabaret and close-up sets for many years. This is a lecture that combines highlights from Andys books - "Short, Punchy & Mental" and "Kosher Products". With a distinc

  • Warlock is Andys latest creation. Warlock is ideal for any performing situation and appears like an impromptu effect if you just want to carry it around with you. A beautiful organic routine using a stack of business card sized cards. Each card has an interesting word written on it (your word of the day list if you like) 2 spectators each choose a

  • Big Reaction is Andy Nymans take on a Roy Johnson effect. Andy purchased the rights from Roy and now he brings this commercial fun routine to you. Andy has performed his killer version of this trick literally thousands of times and the reaction is always the same - Huge. This trick is a phenomenal opener or a killer closer. It genuinely guarantees

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items