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  • This book was first published in 1981 and has been reprinted several times since then. The current reprint is a softback as was the first edition. The book was created from the Magicassette recordings on Basil Horwitz made by Martin Breese. The book received rave reviews from every magical magazine around the world. The opening chapter by Basil Hor

  • Seven more incredible demonstrations of the paranormal that will entertain and perplex the most demanding audience.

  • Basils first hardback volume and in a handsome silver blocked leatherette slip case. Contents include 20 amazing mentalism effects many of which are in the daily performing repertoires of many top mentalists. Includes Fingertip Prediction and The Haines Phenomenon - Mentalism with ESP Cards. Pages 91 - Hardbound

  • Volume 4 is beautifully produced in the same style as Vol 3 and the contents are even more outstanding. Youll find: Psychic Roulette The Unlimited Principle A stunning prediction device Ultimate Challenge Thought and Clairvoyance One-envelope message reading test The Hot Chair Plus a great deal more. A 74-page hardback book, ed

  • This slim hardback contains eight brilliant effects. They are sure to be used by professionals and semi-pros for years to come. I am proud to have known Basil and very sad to have lost such a good friend. His memory will live on forever in the Magick he created. ISBN No.: 0-974-553-49-4 Pages 58 - Hardbound

  • An amazing utility prop which enables the performer to force any number. Perfect for forcing a phone number or special date. This new add-a-number pad is based on the principle of the Basil Horwitz Wallet and locks firmly using rare earth magnets. The instructions supplied include details of four stunning routines that you can perform with the Howi

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items