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  • Cocktail Card Magic by Bill Abbott Bill Abbotts "Professional Man of Mystery Collection" Presents.. Cocktail Card Magic All around you are people that seem to know each other. Theyre laughing, engrossed in conversation, busy eating and drinking. You on the other hand are hired to entertain these busy people with your magic, and at that precise mome

  • Secrets Of The Octupus Deck Revealed by Bill Abbott Learn About The Amazing Deck That Can Manipulate, Control & Extract Thoughts From Absolute Strangers! Bill Abbotts Octopus Deck Entertains Audiences Close-Up And On Stage And Is Now In An Affordable Do-It-Yourself Version! The Octopus Deck Routine: You begin by fanning the deck before two spec

  • Cabaret Card Magic by Bill Abbott Have you ever dreamed of being a performer who can fill a room with personality, excitement and mystery, without resorting to a lot of props to do the filling? Does the idea of carrying a deck of playing cards in your pocket and having a limitless supply of entertainment options available to present to large audien

  • The Thing Platinum - Upgrade Kit byBill Abbott ATTENTION: The Thing Platinum Upgrade is intended for owners of the original version of The Thing by Bill Abbott, or those who constructed their own based on the instructions given on the Bill Abbott Performs Magic For Kids DVD Set. For those interested in a complete package that includes the necessa

  • The Thing Platinum Edition (DVD, Props, CD) by Bill Abbott Effect The reputation-making one-man levitation that can be performed ANYWHERE! Perform it in a living room, on a large theater stage, or in broad daylight on the street. The Thing can float in any performing situation with your audience viewing from any angle. No matter how clo

  • For the family show entertainer Chico the Mind Reader is an hilarious show-stopper and solid laughed packed routine that packs small and plays big. After thousands of performances spanning a decade and a half, Bill Abbott has worked out EVERYTHING, structurally, physically and in every conceivable venue and in front of every kind of audience. Bill

  • The EASIEST, most PRACTICAL MINDREADING effect EVER! Available in UK, US and Euro versions

  • Direct from Bill Abbotts professional repertoire and showcased in his recent best selling book Table Magic, Stabbed and Shot is a killer card stab with a shot glass production that comes out of nowhere! The Routine A card is selected from a shuffled deck - signed - returned and shuffled by a spectator. An empty paper bag that is examined by the aud

  • Introduction For the family show entertainer on a budget Chico the Mind Reader "Light" Package contains all of the professional instruction, full performances, practice poster and royalty-free music tracks minus the puppet and props. And you still get the complete hilarious show-stopping and solid laughed packed routine that packs small and plays b

  • "When I was 14 years old I saw Michael Ross perform at the anniversary party of a local magic shop here in Toronto. One of the pieces he performed was his original presentation and handling for the spot card that baffled me completely. Even though I had a version of the same prop at home, Michael seemed to make the spots appear like magic and more

  • Match a Jumbo mystery card that is placed under a spectator with their chosen card

  • "I now know that Celebrity Smart Ass is the reason I created the Smart Ass concept in the first place. It's a perfect marriage of bulletproof method and commercial presentation. AND it's no longer a card trick anymore! Celebrity Smart Ass a permanent piece in my show...and now it can be for you too!" - Bill Abbott

  • Use this bullet-proof method t produce a full shot glass from your egg bag, paper bag or even your pocket! Complete with shot glass, and a durable seal to use with the liquid of your choice. The possibilities are endless! *No DVD or Instructions are included.

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items