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  • Prime Cut by Bob Kohler This DVD is the first of our Street Magic Series. It contains two blockbusters that are truly amazing, yet easy to do. Prime Cut Heres the effect. Ask anybody to just name any one of the 52 cards. Their choice is totally free they can name any card. Imagine, the victim cutting the deck EXACTLY at the card they just named! It

  • Vegas Coins - Trick by Bob Kohler and Thomas Wayne Four Vegas style genuine, precision made coins and a shell, perfect for Coins Across and other coin routines! Vegas Coin Diameter Approximately 1 1/2" (3.75cm)

  • Golden Shells by Bob Kohler Works with any shell set Absolutely angle proof Bob Kohlers routine for the Shell Game has become legendary. Why, because Bobs routine is used by more professional magicians than any other routine of its kind. Bobs routine has been honed through thousands of live performances for paying audiences. What makes it so great?

  • Aces In Their Faces by Bob Kohler Simply the Best Ace Assembly Ever Created Finally a DVD that tips all of Bobs incredible work on one of hte best selling card routines of all time, "Aces In Their Faces." since its initial release in 1997, AITF has become a classic. But the booklet only tipped part of Bobs working routine. This DVD reveals all FOUR

  • Black Envelope by Bob Kohler What Is Black Envelope? Bob Kohlers Black Envelope is a truly diabolical secret based on an idea from top Scottish card man Peter Duffie, tipped to Bob by Frank Garcia. In typical Kohler fashion, Bob then honed the concept and created five real-world, practical routines which have all held a steady place in his professi

  • HISTORY German magician Bruno Hennig invented the "Signed Card To Box". This powerhouse effect has seen countless improvements and modifications over the decades since its creation. The effect has been used by thousands of magicians and has fooled countless spectators. The effect is so powerful that many magicians close their shows with it. But eve

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items