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  • High Visibility 52 on 1 Deck by Bob Miller Here is a new idea for the 52 on 1 card. Its called the High Visibility 52 on 1 Deck. The 52 on 1 card is a great joke, but it has a problem: It is too small for an audience to see in a close-up situation. By the time that everyone figures out what is on the card, the joke has fizzled. The High Visibility

  • Any card is freely named. It is the only card marked with an 'X'. 

  • This brand-new DVD includes the classic Award-Winning routine re-recorded and edited in a digital format with all of these great new features and extras: 3 live performances by Bob and DJ All 11 moves clearly detailed and demonstrated Super-close up Review track Performance tips and ideas from Bob & DJ 11 Extra Moves submitted by magi

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items