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  • This is the place to start if you want to learn Card Manipulation from the GROUND UP. All material in this and all other Brad Burt DVDs are done in EXTREME DETAIL. Nothing has been left out and each item is explained with the assumption that the student does NOT know any of the techniques being explained!

  • Small Packet Basics With Cards by Brad Burt Another long awaited title. Dont let the word basic fool you. This DVD has terrific explanations of some of the most useful sleight-of-hand tools. DVD includes the following "must know" small packet manipulations: Segment 1 - Introduction Segment 2 - Multiple Card Control Segment 3 - Buckle

  • All About Sponge Balls by Brad Burt This 90 minute DVD is packed with information on one of the most entertaining forms of Sleight-of-Hand available. Brad points out that "Sponge Balls" has always been his most requested routine in a show situation. Not only that, but Sponge manipulation is much, much easier to learn and get good at than almost any

  • Side Steal And More by Brad Burt This dynamic DVD will introduce the student of expert card technique to one of the best card controls available: The Side Steal! Among other applications Brad Will teach stunningly magical methods of transforming one playing card into anther and then show his own reputation making professional routine! Contents:

  • Gambling Sleights For Magicians by Brad Burt One of the most requested titles in this superb collection of instructional DVDs! The Second Deal explanation alone is worth the price. Contents: Segment 1 - Introduction Segment 2 - Second Deal - Strike Method Segment 3 - Second Deal - Push Off Segment 4 - Second Deal Applications, Punch

  • Advanced Coin Technique: Spellbound by Brad Burt This DVD is 1 hour and 24 minutes in length. It is filled with some fo the finest commercial coin technique available today! What is Spellbound? It is the effect invented and made famous by Dai Vernon in which a silver coin magically, instantly and visibly turns into a copper coin and then back

  • Zarrow Shuffle And More by Brad Burt This DVD contains the most complete explanation of the Herb Zarrow False Shuffle. With Brad Burts modifications, this shuffle when performed correctly is virtually angle proof! Along with the shuffle Brad has included THREE of the best routines from his own close-up act: The Zarrow Triumph; The Red Black

  • Linking Rings by Brad Burt This is a truly Classic and magical 8 ring Routine found in Gansons "Routined Manipulation". Having performed and taught the routine for over 20 years, Brad will introduce you to one of the most deceptive and entertaining pieces of magic still alive today. Changed very little from the original conception, this DVD w

  • Chop Cup by Brad Burt Here is a complete treatment of Brad Burts FAVORITE magic effect! This is "Power" magic that can be used in many situations. Imagine a one cup cup and ball routine. Imagine that a small ball vanishes and reappears in amazing ways. Penetrates the bottom of the cup. Then..TWO HUGE SOLID BALLS ONLY ONE OF WHICH CAN FIT IN

  • Basics Of Expert Billiard Ball And Thimble Manipulation by Brad Burt As with all Brad Burt Private Lesson Teaching DVDs this one teaches each technique IN DEPTH. The majority of the DVD is on the popular Multiplying Billiard Balls with a solid selection of sleights with Thimbles added. One of the highlights is Brads Billiard Ball routine whic

  • Basics Of Expert Coin Technique Volume 1 by Brad Burt This is the same in-depth treatment of basic Sleight-of-Hand with coins that was given with cards. These ARE the techniques that you WILL both need and want to know. Contents: Segment 1 - Intro Screen, Intro Material Segment 2 - Classic Palm (in detail), Putting the Coin in Classic Pal

  • Forcing: Cards And More by Brad Burt The Classic Force is one of the most powerful sleights in the magicians arsenal. But, it is hardly ever used! This DVD shows the HOW of making the Classic Force a move you CAN and will use. The other material included gives this DVD remarkable depth. Buy this DVD and begin using a technique that will dec

  • Advanced Small Packet Sleights by Brad Burt This sequel completes Brads long promised 2 volume series on such classic magic tools as the Elmsley Count. Contents: Segment 1 - Introduction Segment 2 - Advanced Sleights: Elmsley and Jordan Segment 3 - Two Card False Count Segment 4 - Hamman Count Segment 5 - Flustration Count Seg

  • Basics Of Expert Coin Technique Volume 2 by Brad Burt Segment 1 - Opening, Introduction Segment 2 - Coin Flourish-Coin Roll Segment 3 - Retention of Vision Vanish, Al Sneider Vanish, Brads Coin Roll Vanish Segment 4 - The Ramsey Subtlety Segment 5 - Brads Aquitment Wiped Clean (Ammar) Segment 6 - Reproductions Segment 7 - The B

  • The Pass Video by Brad Burt This is a detailed treatment of The Pass. It focuses on technique only as the applications are numerous. Although not easy material, this is material that once learned will be used over and over again because of the practical nature of the move. Brads teaching removes much of the mystery and puts the Classic Pass

  • Card Flourishes by Brad Burt This IS the most complete collection of Classic Card Flourishes gathered in one place. It contains the "real work" that will enable you to DO these wonderful additions to any working repertoire. Contents: Segment 1 - Introduction, Table Spread Flourish with VariationsSegment 2 -Classic Pass (One Hand Cut),

  • If you are looking for a KILLER Torn and Restored Card then you should really consider David Eldridges Quarterly Returns. Why? Because not only is it one of the easiest methods around, its also one of the most angle proof. Oh, dont get me wrong, you DO have to practice, but compared to almost any other Torn and Restored card out there this one is j

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