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  • By The Hand Of Fu Hsi by Brad Toulouse and Mephysto Magick Studio Call upon the guidance of Fu Hsi, one of the greatest prognosticators of Chinese history and amaze your audience!!! Effect The performer asks a spectator to secretly find his/her birth year on a parchment containing the Chinese Zodiac and to remember the animal associated with that y

  • Mint Edition by Brad Toulouse The Visible Coloring Effect Modernized And Made Up To Date For The Next Millennium!!! A Great Effect Which Packs Small, Plays Big, And Uses Props Very Familiar To Children!!! Easy To Use!!! Effect Explaining that the magician has other interests besides "magic" he shows the audience an "in progress" piece of artwork; a

  • Curse of Tituba by Brad Toulouse & Mephysto Magick Studio

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items