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  • Catapult! (2 DVD set) by Brian Platt CATAPULT! An exploration of strikes, pitches, sleeves, and 1 and a half calorie mints. "The Dime thru Tic Tac Box effects look amazing. Like real magic! A brilliant combination of principles" -David Roth "The fanning pitch is an absolutely fantastic motion. Im very, very impressed!" -Mickey Silver Contents: BAC

  • BLACKOUT! is a new utility coin that allows you to perform ridiculously clean vanishes, changes, productions and transposition miracles.. right under your spectators nose! BLACKOUT! is machined to precise specifications by master craftsman Roy Kueppers. It then goes through a second and third stage of meticulous handcrafting and treatment by Mike P

  • Perform absolutely impossible looking miracles, anytime, anywhere, with ease! And all with everyday objects- a couple of chocolates. The possibilities are endless, but listed below are a handful of favorites taught on the DVD. Sugar Rush! includes two custom machined gimmicks, one 30 minute DVD and a few SR Pro Accessories as a complimentary bonus.

  • PLATT PAD - An original concept from Brian and Mike Platt. The PLATT PAD gives you the power to perform mentalism and magic that is so clean, so pure, there is absolutely nowhere for your spectators minds to go. If you could really make accurate predictions, it would look exactly like this. Here are just a handful of squeaky clean effects possible

  • Open a tin of blue wintergreen Altoids. Hand a few out to friends who need one and take one out for yourself. Instantly your blue Altoid turns into a red cinnamon one. Eat it, then blow on the tin itself. ALL the mints in the tin now change to red cinnamon ones! Dragon Breath effects are structured in such a way that you start and end totally clea

  • Platt Magic introduces the means to create some of the most mind-blowing close-up magic youll ever perform. And the best part - its all done with apparently everyday objects - Spree candies. Here are just some of the Spreed routines: LEAST FAVORITE FLAVOR - Display all five flavors of Sprees in your hand. Ask your spectator to name their least favo

  • The Dance is a simple, no frills plot: Coins jump around, from one hand to the other in the cleanest and most surprising of manners. Each move can be performed independently for a squeaky clean, quick hit trick, or elegantly stacked. This DVD will challenge and inspire everyone from beginners to the most advanced coin workers. Tumbling Muscle Clic

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items