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  • Ron Bauer Series: #21 - Brother Hammans Final(ly) Aces by Ron Bauer From the man who often prefers the other guys high cards! Finally, a Four Ace Trick becomes an absolutely entertaining and intriguing Poker Deal Trick. How? By using it to show how a cunning magician will always overcome a cheating card hustler. And, guess who gets to play BOTH ROL

  • Secrets Of Brother John Hamman From the Introduction: "John Hammans effects, sleights, and handling of a pack of cards are used by magicians all over the world. He has no use for time-worn sleights - he creates new ones to fit the effects he dreams up. He is truly a titan with a pack of cards. In this book he shares his precious secrets. You may be

  • The Greater Magic Video Library Volume 38 - Brother John Hamman by Twin Cities Magic "Brother John Hamman leads you down the garden path to the exact spot where he wants you and then, he turns on the sprinkler." -Paul LePaul As master of the OHenry story, Brother John baffles laypeople and magicians with fresh plots and clever methods. To even the

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items