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  • A classic trick, brought up-to-date with modern technology! Two USB flash drives, one red and one black are freely shown. They switch places several times, each more visual than the last, and then the black drive stretches to three times its normal size! EASY TO DO! FUN TO PERFORM! EYE-POPPING MAGIC! GREAT CLIMAX! PERFECT FOR STROLLING! Includes: 2

  • A card is selected and lost in the deck. The spectator is now led through a game of "Pasteboard Ping-Pong" as they look up to your pocket, over to your hand and finally down to the table where they find the selected card! Includes Chad Longs original routine & Scotty Yorks awesome version! Easy To Perform Resets in seconds Includes printed card

  • A literary adventure from the mind of Chad Long! Spineless is Chad Longs work on the book test using a book with no spine! The entertaining and unforgettable effect begins when a pile of loose pages are mixed by several spectators and ends with astonishment and applause! Tons Of Possibilities! Fun to Perform! Easy To Do! Powerful & Memorable! R

  • Chad Longs Scratch, 3 Killer routines with Scratch Cards (refills available)

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items