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  • Surfaced by Chad Nelson Imagine If You Could vanish, produce, or control any card have a card visually travel thorugh the deck a one handed top card cover pass a double color change with one hand find a four of a kind with one hand behind your back and so much more.. What You Will Learn In addition to the numerous sleights and subtleties Chad has

  • Chad has devised three simple, easy and effective card controls for walk around and strolling magic. The spectator squares the card to complete the controls. Applications; force, switch. Contents Peep Control Wonder Control Tip Control"These were hit a Magic-Con" "The Tip control is my new favorite control 2nd to the Clip Shift" Chad Nelso

  • Three effects using a double face card. These fool bad. Chad uses these tricks in every paid gig. Contents Conditioned Transposition A spectator places a selection in their back pocket. Instantly, the selection transposes with another selection a visual manner. The spectator places and removes the card. Married and Single Two signed cards melt toge

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items