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  • On this unique instructional DVD youll find more off-beat material than you can twirl a hat at. Perform the classic three shell game, give your old ball vase a face lift, handle cards like a master, twirl a cane, flip a hat, make coins cavort around invisibly, and have a good time doing it. Theres plate manipulation, sight gags galore, plus eno

  • Now on DVD, the original ECCENTRICKS, teaching numerous offbeat sleight of hand routines and juggling stunts. Many of the tricks on the DVD have been featured in my Eccentricks columns in JUGGLE and MAGIC magazines. Now you can see them in action and take advantage of the best learning tool available for mastering material of this nature. If youre

  • A rich collection of over 70 tricks, gags, and stunts amusingly presented by one of the worlds leading eccentric performers, Charlie Frye. Colorfully illustrated; humorously taught. Balancing stunts, sleight of hand miracles, hilarious gags, and eccentric approaches to everything from manipulation to mentalism. Whether youre looking for five minute

  • Poker chip stunts are wildly popular now. Youve seen them all--chip shuffling, rolling them down the fingers, etc. But you have NEVER seen a chip stunt like this! Imagine being able to spin a poker chip on the very tip of your finger. Even when youre inches away, the secret of the stunt is impossible to detect. It looks like youre REALLY balancing

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items