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  • Misers Dream by Chris Capehart 1 2 The Misers Dream along with Coins Across, Continuous Coins, One in the Hand and Two in the Pocket and the Total Vanish are the tricks you will learn on this dvd. "Chris Capehart is one of my absolute favorite magicians! Hes funny, fast, and fearless. The moment he steps out onto the stage, he owns it, and he sta

  • Kidding Around (2 DVD Set) by Chris Capehart Chris Capehart is one of the most successful Magic Performers in the World. On this 2 DVD set, Chris performed his hilariously funny kids show. Chris will perform and explain:Cards for Kids Misers Dream* Coloring Book Matilda and the Lola Bowl Sponge Balls Hoppin Spots Botanica The Rings* Chan

  • Chris Capehart Chris talks with Kozmo about honing his skills on the street and making a living doing childrens magic. Columns: - Bill Wisch - on Slydini Bill shows us a rubber-band trick thats a snap to do. - Kainoa Harbottle - Coin U Kainoa talks about the "Visual Dictionary of Architecture" and related magic. - Christi

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items