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  • Five classics of literature - War of the Worlds, Frankenstein, Peter Pan, The Hound of the Baskervilles and Heart of Darkness are tossed out to the audience. They are invited to examine them carefully, even flip to their favorite passages. Then, they are asked to choose a page at random, read a word, and remember it. You ask them to sit down if you

  • "Fascinating!" -John Bannon 21 killer effects exploring three new techniques by award-winning writer, director and magician Chris Philpott. Intimate Mysteries explores magic done not just in the spectators hands and minds, but with their lives. These effects are fun, fascinating and often moving to experience while being entertaining and dramatic t

  • 3 devastating effects based on a diabolical new principle by Chris Philpott,creator of Tossed Out Book Test and Intimate Mysteries.

  • Three brand new effects using the 100th Monkey principle!

  • Chris Philpotts French Postcards is a wildly entertaining version of Paul Currys Out of this World. "A brilliant Out of this World experience! When Chris did this for me I had one of those "*^%$@ why didnt I think of that?" moments. Presentational gold!" -Steve Valentine A study out of Cornell University recently made headlines: subjects could pred

  • From the creator of The 100th Monkey comes a new, versatile and incredibly visual method for rope magic!

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items