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  • Magic at the Bar with Chris Randall. Learn killer magic to perform in front of or behind the bar Desert Rose Torn and restored napkin rose. 7 digits The greatest pick up trick ever ! The Exchange A spectators buisness card and the magicians card switch places in the spectators hands. Coaster Card A selected card and a coaster switch places in an in

  • A spectator is handed a sugar packet from the table and asked to hold on to it. A box of crayons are introduced and the spectator is asked to select a color. For our example, the spectator chooses green. A green crayon is taken out of the box and is waved over the sugar packet till it changes to a white crayon. The sugar packet is then torn open an

  • The Inception is an anytime, anywhere, self-contained Bill in lemon routine. Honed on the streets of Las Vegas, you get the inner workings for one of magics most powerful pieces as well as Chris Randalls YEARS of experience performing this effect. "Chris Randall has deeply thought about getting maximum impact OUT of a lemon and a bill to create a m

  • On this DVD Chris Randall teaches you one of his trademark routines. Four Jokers are produced at the fingertips one by one and then instantly change into four aces. This flashy bit of sleight of hand fits in as the opener to any four ace routine or even as a moment of magic in your stage manipultion act. With step by step instructions, Chris will t

  • The Ambitious Card effect has withstood the test of time not only because of its simplicity but its ability to amaze and amuse. On this DVD Chris Randall, creator of The Inception, teaches you his handling of this classic plot. From start to finish you will learn the routine that has gotten Chris booked for gigs around the world. Special guests Bil

  • Finally available on download! Chris Randall has perfected a niche in the market: doing romantic magic to meet women. And to do so, he uses the always-effective cocktail napkin Rose fold. By fashioning a standard cocktail napkin into a rose shape, he shows the spectator an unusual skill AND gives them something to remember him by.

  • Whether for business or pleasure, exchanging business cards with someone is a must. And what better way to exchange cards than to do it with magic? In this simple but intelligent idea, you cause your card to change places with hers, leaving each of you with a way to get in contact. The method is straightforward and the effect is visual.

  • This is a terrific idea to motivate a card under bottle routine. You cause a signed card to CHANGE PLACES WITH the coaster under your drink. Simple, elegant, visual!

  • Putting a coin in a bottle is a classic that elicits a wonderful reaction. Chris has a new touch that brings this into the realm of something VERY practical for the bar magician.

  • In case you aren't using this fabulous classic Vanishing Bottle effect, Chris takes you through it very carefully, including a small touch that keeps the heat OFF the bag after the vanish.

  • This is gorgeous sequence in which you produce all the elements of a Martini from a stage or parlor setting. The music, the moves, it's all there. Learn what it takes to put a professional music opener together. This is pure magic.

  • This is Miser's Dream...but instead of use ice cubes! Then, to conclude you produce a bottle of Champagne in the bucket! This is such a fitting climax to a parlor routine, or a great way to begin a show with a little music interlude. All the details are explained, and this is a truly fresh approach to a proven classic.

  • It's hard to find PROFESSIONAL quality routines that are suitable for stage and for children. This one is both! This is a terrific balls from mouth routine that ends with a mouth coil. Chris details ALL the fine points you need to perform this effect, and if you study it carefully you'll see what a nice structure the routine has. It packs small, and plays...

  • This deck switch does exactly what a deck switch should do: it switches packs without even a HINT of suspicion.This particular switch takes place as the performer sits down and you must have a table in front of you to perform.It looks PERFECT, which in this context, means that it looks like nothing at all.

  • Chris set out to devise a linking ring routine with two rings in which BOTH RINGS would be examined beforehand. This required a stealth switch of one ring without the audience suspecting or detecting anything. He has solved the problem masterfully, and the switch he uses is simply beautiful. If you can do a little handiwork, you'll have a perfect and...

  • Chris Randall is a seasoned pro with tremendous experience with the thumb-tip.He has CONFIDENCE with this wonderful prop, and that is a rarity, even among pros.Here he will share tips on how to handle the thumbtip naturally, and an amazing effect in which a dollar bill is changed into a poker chip or coin, RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSE.It's a beautiful sequence...

  • Looking for a way to stop a crowd ? Then look no further.

  • Las Vegas Native, Chris Randall is here with his out of this world At The Table Experience. You may have seen Chris perform on Masters if Illusion or even the Magic Castle, but did you know that he's been working on the Las Vegas Strip for 15 years?

  • These are the notes taken by Chris Randall during his latest world tour.

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