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  • Flipped Out by Craig Petty On volume one of this DVD coin series, we will venture into Craigs world of the flipper coin and some of the fantastic effects Craig has created with the gimmick over the years. All in all, Craig has selected 9 of the very best coin routines to put on to this DVD. From transpositions to disappearances, you will learn how

  • Return of The Bag by Craig Petty and World Magic Shop YOU WILL NEED ATTACK OF THE BAG TO PERFORM THE EFFECTS ON THIS DVD Return of the Bag Return of the Bag is a sequel to the best selling; highly acclaimed Attack of the Bag. On this volume Craig Petty explores more uses of the coin bag and presents effects that you would have never thought were po

  • Split Happens by Craig Petty and World Magic Shop The Split Coin is one of the most under explored gimmicks in magic. It goes under several names such as Clone Coin, Super Coin and Johnny Wongs Split Coin each version being as clever as the next. On this DVD Craig Petty reveals 11 killer routines which are only possible with the Split Coin gimmick.

  • Blank The Magic of Craig Petty by Craig Petty Blank is a collection of some of the most powerful card effects you have ever seen all of which use blank cards in some capacity. Al the routines are commercial and practical - each and every effect has been tried, tested and perfected in the real world under the toughest conditions imaginable. F


  • Craig Petty is back and this time hes left his coins at home. Featuring ten killer routines designed to be used in the real world to real people. Most of the routines require just a regular pack of cards and any moves required are fully covered in the sleights section. This is material that you WILL use; all routines have been tried, tested and per

  • Slim is a collection of routines which all use a small packet of cards taken from a regular deck. There are no gimmicks, no gaffs and no set up. All you need is a pack of cards and you are good to go. Next time you really want to blow away your audience make sure you get Slim. Back Off Apollo The strongest all backs routine you will ever see, using

  • From the creator of the Mirage Coin set, Split Happens and Flipped Out comes a revolutionary new coin set - Night Shade. The possibilities with the set are endless and will allow you to perform coin magic you never thought possible. Nightshade comes complete with all the precision made gimmicks that you will require to perform the routines describe

  • Craig Petty has finally released a routine which has been his closer for over 2 years. A signed bill and a regular cup are used to perform the most stunning 7 phase Chop Cup style routine you will ever see. To finish, a real lemon appears and the bill is visibly pushed into the lemon, leaving your hands empty. At this point the lemon can be examine

  • Love Cards - A Book Test In Your Wallet For years the book test has been one of the most powerful effects available to mentalists. Now this classic effect has been brought bang up to date with a version that you can literally carry in your wallet. A number of love cards are taken out from a wallet and examined by the audience. While the performers

  • In the summer of 2011 David Penn and Craig Petty set off to Las Vegas to visit one of the largest magic conventions in the world - Magic Live. This DVD captures a multitude of experiences in addition to showcasing some of their favourite unpublished effects. Not content with just meeting some of the greatest magicians alive today, Dave and Craig pe

  • Feature Interview - Dave Penn & Craig Petty: Kozmo talks with David Penn and Craig Petty about their show as well as the failed "magic-off" with Justin Miller. Columns: Jon Armstrong - Sessions, Orlando Pt. 3 Michael Eaton shows us a better way to do card on ceiling. Simon Lovell - Ask Simey! Simon answers your questions, this issue - bizarre m

  • Craig Petty (creator of Chop) presents Keymaster Reloaded: the most organic moving hole routine you will EVER see. Slide holes up and down keys, move holes on to the stem of a key and even visibly move holes from one key to another, all with the 6 custom designed keys supplied. Your audiences will love the routines that take place right in their ha

  • Red Blue Transpo A killer two deck routine. Four cards are freely chosen from a red deck and change visibly into their mates from a blue deck. Twist with a Twist A slow motion handling of Dai Vernons classic Twisting The Aces with a kicker ending that has to be seen to be believed.?? Fast Hands This effect has been an underground hit for years at C

  • ONLY PURCHASE THIS IF YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL KEYMASTER AND YOU WISH TO UPGRADE TO KEYMASTER RELOADED Craig Petty (creator of Chop) presents Keymaster Reloaded: the most organic moving hole routine you will EVER see. Slide holes up and down keys, move holes on to the stem of a key and even visibly move holes from one key to another, all with the extr

  • David Penn and Craig Petty were both invited to lecture at the famous Magic Circle in London. In David Penns lecture you will gain real world insight into performing close up magic in banquet situations. Learn amazing effects such as producing a glass of water from a spectators jacket, spoon bending in the spectators own hand, an 8 ball finale util

  • If you have ever wanted to earn more money from close-up magic, creating a Parlour Show is a VIP experience for your customers, that they will happily pay a premium for. The concept of a Parlour Show dates back to when the leading entertainers of the day performed for wealthy clients in their own home. These days it is an opportunity for you to

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