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  • Technical Dove Tosses by Dan Sperry In this whimsical DVD the infamously mercurial Dan Sperry takes you backstage to learn the inner secrets of return flight dove training. You will learn step by step how to properly train your birds for a near 100% successful return toss rate in literally any condition! Dan begins by giving you a little background

  • Ultimate Dove Loop Holder by Dan Sperry This loop holder locks your loops into place no matter if they are wire or fishing line loops. Just pin this gimmick into your jacket and youll never have to worry about "fishing" for your loops again.

  • In recent years the gut wrenching Razor Blade swallowing illusion has become increasingly popular. What has always been regarded as a stage routine has now been adapted for close up and street performing environments by Dan Sperry. Using innocent looking every day objects that you can carry on you and set up in a matter of seconds Dan has created a

  • Dan Sperry presents Daniel Martin's Bruised! Bruised is a great way to reveal a chosen or thought of card but it is much more than that. It can be used with coin tricks, ESP tricks, to reveal a number, name, initials, or word and so on - limited only by your imagination and is perfect for a performer at any skill level.

  • Feature Interview - Dan Sperry: Dan talks with Kozmo about why magic isnt cool and his experience on Americas Got Talent. Columns: Kainoa Harbottle - Coin U Kainoa talks about the 4th dimension and performs what he calls an "easy coin routine." Explanation included! Simon Lovell - Ask Simey! Simon answers, "What do you think about performing mental

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items