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  • Que Raro by Dani DaOrtiz and Christian Engblom Christian and Dani met for the first time in Spain, 2004. It was love at first sight of each others magic. Half a year later Dani came to Finland to give a lecture, and to film this DVD with Christian. The collection of tricks and techniques on this DVD were the ones Christian and Dani showed each othe

  • Fat Brothers by Miguel Angel Gea, Christian Engblom, and Danny DaOrtiz Disc One Tricks Eng-Blom Control Near perfect circle Take out coins The trick without explanation Coins through the Glass Through the cartoon The last match trick Chaos in order Hofzinsers problem Mini oil and water Oil over troubled water Disc Two Explanations of the tricks t

  • Incredible magic from one the worlds most astonishing magicians.. Dani DaOrtiz! Everyone is talking about him. His methods are unique, his presentations brilliantly entertaining. Now he reveals all on this incredible DVD box set. Four discs of wonderful magic plus an interview by Luis de Matos. Dani DaOrtiz Utopia is an English language DVD, subtit

  • After two years of recording, from Spain, Finland and the U.S., is now available the second DVD of Fat Brothers.

  • The Mirage is one of Dani DaOrtizs favourite routines. It is a special deck of cards that combines elements of Hofzinsers Transformation Pack and Robert-Houdins Protean Pack. It enables the performer to transform a deck of fifty-two different cards into a deck that is all alike. Not just once, but twice. In addition to the special deck you receive

  • Receive killer reactions with this diabolical deck and concept. You will be able to perform one highly deceptive location effect by three entirely different methods. This exclusive deck does all the work for you, its 90% hands off magic and no special skill required! What sets Triple Intuition apart from other card effects is the mixing of techniqu

  • In this brand-new two volume set, we are transported to Dani Daortizs Spanish studio, where he and card legend Lennart Green alternate with astounding tricks. If there is a loose theme to this collection, it is strong card magic that will play to both small and parlor audiences. Very few ever get to sit at a table with Lennart Green or Dani Daortiz

  • An incredible routine from one of the worlds leading card workers. Super strong card magic, full of surprises and with a mind blowing climax. Imagine this: 3 spectators select cards, they are lost in the deck and they appear when you "call them". Yes, you can spell the first card, each card for letter, and it appears. You repeat the experience with

  • A new video release of Dani Daortiz, in one video he talks about technique, ideas, subtleties and all the theory about one of his most representative tricks.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items