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  • An important part of any magicians repertoire is the opening effect. So how do you break the ice and get into your close up magic routine? This DVD is packed with essential information and a variety of tricks to cover this part of your performance. Theres tips on everything from approaching a table to walking onto the largest stage - a must for all

  • Ideal for those who want to learn this incredibly baffling and popular form of magic. This DVD teaches you you step by step, some of the most stunning effects ever. Packed solid with excellent effects, thisll have people thinking you have supernatural powers. Routines included are.. Loose change Thought Transfer Number Test Psychological & Ment

  • A DVD that concentrates on teaching the vital moves and counts that are necessary to perform so many card routines. Very clean handling and perfect instruction by the excellent magician and teacher, Dave Jones. Various camera angles ensure perfect viewing for the intricacies of these special moves. Contents include.. Jordan Count Elmsley Count Hamm

  • Join your host Dave Jones as he reveals nine of his favorite routines. Featuring material performed at "4FS" and explained for the first time on DVD! "The Brialliant thing about this DVD is that the magic is great for both close-up and stage workers. Another winner from" WAYNE DOBSON FEATURED ROUTINES INCLUDE: Notes - The trick that

  • Amaze your audience with an incredible display of super-power memory and then floor them with a prediction made before the show!

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items