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  • After years of preparation, this fabulous book by magical comedy great David Hemingway, truly stands as the definitive handbook for Comedy Magicians Written and collated by David Hemingway, established performer, magical creator and successful author, after 35 years of experience and observing and recording advice from the Worlds top comedy perform

  • Part One: All the remaining highly praised and award winning signature tricks from The Gingerbread Lecture including The Gingerbread Knot "Wonderful simple method its a superb effect"- Phil Willmarth, The Linking Ring The Roadsign Davids signature trick - Developed and perfected over 40 years of performances Ultimate Goes-Anywhere Act A complete ex

  • Contents - 10 acclaimed routines Gorn!- Cecil Keech, Geoffrey Robinson, David Hemingway Carrier Bag Caper- Edward Victor, David Hemingway Crazy Crossword- Anon, David Hemingway Con Rope & Screamrope- Billy McComb, David Hemingway Third Tune Lucky- Annemann, David Hemingway Fifty Second Opener- Edwin Sachs, Charlie Edwards, Ken Brooke, David Hem

  • For three decades the Designer Magic Workshops built major illusions and apparatus for world star magicians, prestige theatre productions and television series. This book presents 24 selected plans with additional techniques and building know-how included. Over 300 clear schematic drawing. Designed Illusions and Design Delusions comprises three par

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items