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  • David Solomon has created the poker deal to beat all poker deals! Hocus Poker is an ingenious "contest" staged at world famous "Cheaters Convention." In the finals, Chicago Eddie and Detroid Fats are each dealt a hand of aces and eights, the "Dead Mans Hand"! Each player then gets a shot at cheating. Eddie secretly steals two aces from Fats, giving

  • Knaves Gone Wild (With DVD) by David Solomon Visual magic at its best! David Solomons Knaves Gone Wild starts off like many other assembly tricks. Thats where the similarities end. Each Jack vanishes from its respective packet in a visual, impossible way. Spectators will rub their eyes, grasping for a solution and questioning what theyve seen. Each

  • The Wisdom Of Solomon by David Solomon and Jeff Siegfried The Wisdom of Solomon has over 50 effects succinctly written by David Solomon and Jeff Siegfried in a manner similar in style to past Marlo writings. There are over 200 photos to clearly illustrate all sleights, layouts, and procedures. At the beginning of each effect the reader is treated t

  • Thoughts Across by David Solomon Effect A direct, devious method for the classic Cards Across plot. Two spectators select a card - mentally - from a packet of ten. Without any questions, sleights, or monkey business, both cards vanish from the packet completely, and travel to another packet which has been in plain sight from the get-go. Any cards c

  • Oil & Water is one of magics most enduring plots. Its an extremely visual trick. Audiences love it. Now you can learn the ultimate version of this classic card effect - David Solomons Technicolor Oil & Water. Two packets of cards are shown: four reds with red backs and four blacks with blue backs. The cards are mixed - cleanly, clearly, and

  • David Solomon is one of the most respected and revered card magicians in magic today. With a compelling approach to handlings and method, plus a razor sharp attention to detail, Solomons routines are performed by amateurs and experts all over the world. The Card Solutions Of David Solomon is a 3 disc extravaganza that explores the best and the

  • A blank Bicycle card is placed aside. Four Jokers are shown to have blank backs. One by one the magician prints colorful backs on them. After all four backs are printed, the magician magically causes all of the Joker faces to vanish and all four of them appear together on the blank Bicycle card.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items