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  • Proximity Effects by Dee Christopher Dee Christopher presents Proximity Effects a collection of effects and routines straight from the underground. Dee Christopher is making a name for himself in the magic underground with his brand of mental and visual magic. Proximity Effects is a collection of powerful card routines that range from visual card m

  • The power to provoke motion with ones mind is something that has fascinated man since the existence of such a concept. Imagine a perfectly simplistic demonstration of mind over matter. In this DVD, you will learn how to make a borrowed soda can move freely across the table at a moments notice. Dee Christopher teaches with the utmost precision this

  • Shot on location in the UK, Titanas presents Dee Christophers METAL. Teaching the guarded methodology and technique behind his highly visual and impactful metal bending routines, Christopher covers all the ins and outs to take you from a beginner to a pro - seasoned metal benders will also find new techniques and tricks to apply to create maximum d

  • ANATE is a psychological technique. Its a subtlety that is not 100% sure fire, but when you get the technique down and you hit, Youll know it. Imagine placing one card on the table, face down. The spectator decides on a card, they turn over the card to reveal a perfect match. The place explodes. Imagine holding your wallet in full view and asking a

  • With the Broken Wings device, you can easily: Predict impossible things Make writing appear, disappear or transform Create dual realities Force cards Automatic writing without special pens Peek information Drawing Duplications Switch billets or cards This device is a gimmicked pad. Its simple in its workings, but since its c

  • In VEX you will learn how to appear to bend borrowed coins with you mind. Since Geller popularized coin bending demonstrations in the 70s, magicians and mentalists have strived to create the most believable coin bending effects possible. Inside the 30 minutes of one of one tuition with metal bending expert Dee Christopher, you will learn THREE very

  • You place five playing cards on the table. You then show the Spectator a poker chip that has a prediction on one side. You ask the Spectator to mix up the five cards so they are not in any particular order. You ask the Spectator to place the poker chip onto any one of the five playing cards. When you turn over the poker chip, and the playing card, the...

  • A spectator chooses one horror movie from a list of 10. You make a prediction and then reveal how you have read their thoughts when you tell them which horror movie they chose. The spectator has a completely free choice and you are always able to predict their chosen horror movie. This is very easy to do with no memory work involved. Carry Sight in

  • Deep Shadows is a collection of techniques, tools and effects discovered by mentalist and psychokinetic expert Dee Christopher over 10 years of study, creativity and performance as a professional magician and mind reader.Featuring a foreword by Daniel Madison and an incredible expanse of magic, mental-ism, routines and utilities spread across more

  • Black Heart & Bourbon is the latest collection of Dee Christopher's tricks, techniques & thoughts for magicians and mentalists.

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