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  • Dingles reputation as one of the worlds best sleight-of-hand artists is unsurpassed. DEREK DINGLE (VOL 8) Well Twist Elmsley Aces Universal Card Bertram Coin Assembly All Backs Cigarette Through Quarter "A magicians magician." - Dick Cavett "Worlds greatest sleight-of-hand artist" - Bob McAllister - Wonderama "

  • Dingles Delights by Derek Dingle ".. the performer whom most magicians consider the greates card magician extant." - TIME Magazine Derek Dingle has been one of the most influential close-up magicians of the 20th century. He created many outstanding routines that are in use by the leading professionals in our field. He went from an outstanding amate

  • Dingles Deceptions by Derek Dingle "We have with us the greatest card manipulator in the world." - Barbara Walters Derek Dingles first book, Dingles Deceptions (written by Harry Lorayne), which was released in 1971 created a firestorm of interest. The routines taught in that book created his reputation as one of the best, most skilled and creative

  • Complete Works Of Derek Dingle TIME magazine has called Derek Dingle, "..the greatest card manipulator extant," and from his television appearances with Tom Snyder, Dick Cavett, Barbara Walters, and Mike Douglas to his many contributions to Genii, Apocalypse, The pallbearers Review, Epilogue and Innovations he has consistently proven TIME to be cor

  • Outflushed by Derek Dingle and Gary Plants Effect While playing a hand of poker, the magicians cards change several times. Just when it looks like the magician is beaten, mysteriously, he finally ends up with an unbeatable hand, a a royal flush in spades. Comes with 2 x gimmicked poker cards and instruction manual. Pages 8 - Saddle Stitched

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items