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  • Reveal a playing card or duplicate a drawing on a business card hidden completely under an opaque dinner plate under test conditions! A spectator selects a card while your back is turned and places it under a plate. You are still able to divine it simply by placing your hands over the plate. There is nothing concealed in your hands at any time! F

  • Back in 1986 Devin Knight who performed as a professional psychic shocked the world with a headline prediction that involved the Newfoundland Plane crash that killed over 200 people. The prediction had been held by a state senator. News of this went worldwide and the story was carried in over 2000 newspapers. In the history of magic NO HEADLINE pre

  • Version 2: New and improved! Expanded and improved handlings Now with 20 color magic markers More deceptive bag for hold the markers New handling included does not require force bag! A sealed prediction is given to someone before the trick begins. When opened it contains a duplicate of a freely chosen newspaper. The newspaper has a drawing of a ca

  • Great for repeat shows. With the outfit you can have all 4 predictions be entirely different! A must if you are doing more than one show the same day in the same location. Can also be used to replace needed components when they wear out. This is a refill for the Crayon version of "In the News".

  • Weather Or Not by Devin Knight The very latest brainchild from the Knight and Moyer team. One of the most visual and comical mental effects you will find. Invite any 3 people on stage. These are not stooges and there has been no pre-show work. Mentalist states that the two most talked about things among strangers are the weather and sports. They go

  • The magician offers to teach the audience a simple card trick. To make it easy to see, he uses a fan of 3 jumbo playing cards. Two of the cards are red sevens while the middle card is a black seven. The backs of the cards are shown and it is seen that the middle card (the black seven) has a sticker on the back. The magician says this makes it easy

  • (Knight Mind Series 3) - Double Coincidence by Knight and Mann

  • Gumball Poker by Devin Knight & John Moyer Once again, Devin Knight & John Moyer have teamed up to bring you a new improved version of their Gumball Poker machine. This is one of the most novel ways ever devised for doing both mental and card effects. In addition, this Gumball Poker machine allows for some of the most baffling poker demonst

  • COMEDY RING IN LIGHT BULB by Devin Knight and John Moyer The Knight/Moyer team has done it again with this clever idea using a borrowed ring. Effect The magician borrows a ring from anyone in the audience. Performer comments that its a nice ring and wants a better and closer look. Going over to his table he turns on a small table lamp to help give

  • Autobend Silverware by Devin Knight and Al Mann Al Mann & Devin Knight were some of the early originators of self bending spoon techniques. This is the REAL work on self-bending spoons developed jointly by Al Mann and Devin Knight during the mid 80s. You get the exact method used by Devin in newspaper office thru out the years to garner front p

  • Far Sight by Devin Knight One of Devin Knights most guarded secrets from his professional act is now being made available. A truly long distance, hands-off mental card effect that seems totally impossible. An effect that not only baffles lay people but many magicians as well. Performer invites anyone to help. He says he will try to subliminally for

  • Tri-Epic by Devon Knight If you are looking for a large visual stage mental effect, then look no further! Tri-Epic is an updated mental epic type effect, but without the old fashion chalk boards, and WITH NO ONE-AHEAD method. Tri-Epic is new, novel and different! If you liked David Copperfields Graffiti Effect then you will love this. Creates a sim

  • Insight is #3 in the Devin Knight's Psychic Sight series. In this release a random spectator exhibits an uncanny INSIGHT by calling out the exact location of a thought of card.  Available in red or blue

  • Blightsight by Devin Knight One of the most talked about effects at the 2006 Mindvention. It virtually fooled anyone who saw it. The very latest from Devin Knights Psychic-Sight series. The first was Farsight and was a runaway hit. Now comes Blindsight. Effect Performer patters that Blindsight is the apparent ability to see colors and shapes which

  • Retro-Sight by Devin Knight RETRO-SIGHT...Two different effects in one! One of the most novel effects you will see. Something totally unique..combined with a new principle in MENTALISM that will delight even seasoned pros. This is release five in Devin Knights Psychic Sight Series. Two effects in one! MIRRORED THOUGHT The first effect is one that D

  • The Blindfolded Car by Devin Knight Are you ready to take your magic career to the next level? Enhance your magic career with one of the most amazing publicity stunts every created. The Blindfolded-Car Drive is unsurpassed for getting front page publicity. This isnt your normal blindfold drive. Not only do you drive a car blindfolded, but the WINDS

  • Predictionary Frank Velasco and Devin Knight This new utility gimmick will allow you to transmit your thoughts and make near impossible appearing predictions. You can do all of this without the aid of nail-writers or any other secret writing devices. Here are just a few of the effects possible with the Predictionary Gimmick. Mentalist says he is th

  • Random Thoughts by Devin Knight Effect The performer says prior to the show, he jotted down some "Random Thoughts" and place them inside an envelope. He shows the audience this envelope and places it in FULL VIEW before the effect begins. Any spectator is invited to help. No stooges or pre-show work. The spectator is then shown an ungimmicked newsp

  • Two participants secretly choose words from a "real vocabulary book" containing hundreds of words. There are no duplicate words in the books word list. The two participants then look up their respective words in an ungimmicked dictionary. The performer, who can be 15 feet or more away, divines both words. He does this without touching either book o

  • The effect reads totally impossible, yet it is accurate in every regard. One of the most unique and baffling magical effects on stage today. Direct from Devin Knights own stage show and a limited release, this is based on a little known idea that Al Mann shared with Devin. Devins original idea has been revised and improved upon to make it into

  • Foresight by Devin Knight A killer effect that starts out like a comedy routine but packs a wallop at the end. Effect The magician holds up an envelope and says it contains a prediction. He asked a spectator to name any playing card. Performer says the named card is in the envelope. He removes an 8.5 x 11 inch picture that has the whole deck spread

  • A great new tool for both family entertainers and mentalists. You can use this EVEN if you have never made a balloon animal in your life. One of the effects doesnt even use real balloons! Until now, there have been few ways to tie in your magic with balloon sculpturing. Imagine having a child or lady secretly think of a balloon animal and the color

  • A new modern way to do visible spirit-writing without any chemicals. Magician shows a pad of paper and talks briefly about spirit writing in the past and how mediums used slates and chalks. They also turned out the lights. You will try some modern day spirit-writing by trying to channel a spirit, using nothing but a sheet of paper and a toothpick,

  • Replacement Pads for UNLEADED, The Write Way. Comes with enough additional supplies to do the trick 100 times.

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