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  • Cobra Collection by Devo Learn the COBRA CUT, the TRIAD COBRA, the QUAD COBRA, the KING COBRA, and much more.. ..all from the original creator! Devos Unique Teaching Style: ALL VISUAL step-by-step instructions. All parts of these moves are shown in EXPLICIT DETAIL. The best viewing angles for learning. SLOW-MOTION and special highlights. PRO

  • Superhandz - Xtreme Beginnerz (2 DVD Set) Featuring: - Devo Vom Schattenreich - Jerry Cestkowski - Q The Worlds Foremost Experts Teach The Art Of Xtreme Card Manipulation Bonuses By: - Jeff McBride - Las Vegas Headliner - Daryl - The Magicians Magician - Greg Irwin - Finger Fitness Expert After years of requests from fans, Superhandz has finally pu

  • Cradle To Grave by Devo Devos underground card material has been talked about all over the world. Some of his moves have become legendary in the world of visual card manipulation. The Cradle to Grave DVD is the first publicly released product from Devo. All of his previous material was kept in small circles and extremely limited. The first run of t

  • DeRing by Devo - One of the most highly anticipated manipulation DVDs EVER! This simply some of the most powerful and incredible displays of manipulation that you can perform anytime, anywhere! If you do not normally wear a ring, then you will after watching this DVD! Devos ring manipulation is simply incredible and has to be seen to be believed! D

  • Devos Secret Books as a project is a 3 volume collection of Devos early underground material from the 1970s to current day. This first release, Volume #1, is a re-release of four of Devos favorite early underground ideas from his early publications. Some of this material has been kept in the underground for more than 20 years! For the first time si

  • DEVOS SECRET BOOKS VOL. 2 ( Second Edition, Hardbound) Devos Secret Books as a project is a 3 volume collection of Devos early underground material from the 1970s to current day. Here is a listing of the contents: Chapter 1 THE JOURNEY - This is the story how Devo went from struggling to doing many shows and eventually ended up the main performer f

  • The second Comic - MMD #2 is complete! The artwork and box look great! The artwork on the box wraps around the sides and flap - so when you open the flap you can see the rest of the water tank which is really cool! The 2nd issue continues the story of a young boy and sister caught in an evil magicians camp. This issue introduces many new characters

  • Magicians Must Die #3 is here and AMAZING! This is a deck of playing cards that lays out into a comic about magicians and card masters. You can see the entire comic laid out in actual size behind the decks on the table. Its huge! Each of the cards were hand drawn/inked by amazing comic artist Jay Peteranetz. Some of the inks are shown in this photo

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items